Old brick farm transformed into modern space and design

old farm house renovation bricks modern industrial design

The architects of the Belgian studio Juma Architects are at the origin of this fabulous renovation of a old farm in brick. Originally, the building was practically devoid of natural light, the architects installed doors and windows highlighted by a black frame that stand out beautifully from the old facade.

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The challenge was to combine modern and old. It is hard not to appreciate this mix of materials and the warm atmosphere that emanates from this house.

Old brick farmhouse transformed into modern house and design

Old farm-house-renovation-design-house-bricks-juma-architects-project-b

The already existing mezzanine and the wine cellar were demolished to create in their place a large open kitchen with central island finishing in natural stone. The oven is traditional in appearance and fits well with the idea of ​​authenticity. A shelf, also in natural stone, is placed above the oven. The kitchen has a modern look while keeping the authentic charm of the old farmhouse.

Transformation of an old authentic farm by Juma Architects

old brick house renovation modern house juma architects project b

Next to the dining room is located the staircase which has been completely renewed. Custom storage cupboards are placed all along the stairs. Their height follows that of the stairs. The idea was not to lose space while making every square meter of the house useful. The staircase is also open for another reason: it makes it easier to move the big furniture from the first to the second floor. The living room has been furnished with a large library for storing books and small items.

Perfect balance between old and new

old farm house renovation modern house industrial design brick walls

The most authentic elements of the farm, such as the chimney, have been saved. The old beams were sandblasted to accentuate their character while the rest of the ceiling was painted white to make it contrast with the floor. waxed concrete black. For its part, the dining room is equipped with a modular table. The client wanted to be able to adapt to the number of his guests. Above, three suspended lamps illuminate it. They can be hung in a beautiful set or separated to illuminate a larger area.

Beautiful contrast

home design renovation sliding door window space bright modern home design

The kitchen and the dining room

island kitchen design modern dining room renovation house design

The kitchen with central island and authentic oven

home renovation kitchen design island sink wall deco

The central island

Kitchen Renovation Modern Design Central Island Kitchen Ceiling White Kitchen Design

The kitchen counter

kitchen renovation countertop kitchen modern design renovation home

Vintage and industrial style leather chair

dining chair industrial design modern deco wall kitchen island central

Bright and open kitchen

old farmhouse renovation central island design

Pendant lights design

dining room design fixture hanging round table bar deco wall

Modern and authentic interior both

open space bright design round table bar lighting fixture hanging wall kitchen island

The space under stairs done up with cupboards on measure

under stairs storage space idea lighting fixture suspension

At the bottom: the workspace separated by a white curtain

interior design house lighting fixture hanging dining room deco wall

The workspace

home design modern renovation idea deco wall chair leather

The living room with the large library

house design biblitohèque wood sofa gray coffee table black living room

The fireplace

fireplace design living room sofa gray cushions modern

Bright living room

old farm renovation industrial design living room modern fireplace design idea

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