Open kitchen: functionality and modernity in one

open kitchen minimalist design

The idea of ​​developing a open kitchen is by no means unusual, especially in contemporary and modern homes. Nowadays, there is a tendency to create as seamless an interior as possible to simplify the structure and decor, without affecting functionality.

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That's why eliminating the barrier between the kitchen and other spaces in the interior is something very practical.

Open kitchen with contemporary decoration

open kitchen contemporary design

Most of the time, the kitchen is open on the dining room and the two spaces become adjacent. The dining table is usually a transitional element between the kitchen and the living room and you will often see this type of decoration in the photos below. And sometimes these three functions are not necessarily part of the same open plan. The open kitchen and the dining room, thanks to their similarities, can form a single space, while the other areas will form another.

Open kitchen with modern central island

open kitchen wood central island

Open kitchens are a practical design solution for small homes or apartments. And in the case of really small spaces, kitchen furniture is often made to measure. But sometimes we need a little privacy in the kitchen and this can be provided by a separation wall. In an open kitchen you can very well use a separation screen to delimit spaces. Often even if the kitchen is part of the open plan and there is no separation wall, you can create a clear visual separation between the spaces. This can be done by arranging furniture or choosing different colors for different areas. Here are some examples of how to create an open kitchen:

Elegant kitchen of contemporary design

open kitchen modern design

Kitchen design deco idea of ​​contemporary design

open kitchen original design

Open design kitchen with wooden furniture

open kitchen deco wood Modal Architecture

Contemporary style kitchen deco

open design kitchen design

Open kitchen on modern dining room

small modern kitchen

Kitchen decorated in wood and marble

american kitchen wood marble

Open design kitchen design

modern american kitchen design

Retro style kitchen decorating idea

retro white design kitchen

modern central island kitchen

open kitchen wood furniture

open kitchen custom wood furniture

open kitchen modern wood

open kitchen to dining room

open kitchen on living room

open kitchen on living room design

open kitchen on modern living room

open modern kitchen decoration

idea deco kitchen open design

design kitchen model

central island kitchen model

central island design kitchen model

small kitchen model

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