Orange sofa: an original piece of furniture for the living room

orange sofa contemporary living room deco

A design furniture, such as the sofa orange, can completely transform the decor and ambiance in your living room. But how do you decorate a modern living room with a sofa orange ?

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It is certainly not something very easy. Today we are here with lots of ideas and tips to help you. Because it will be very unfortunate to deprive you of an original sofa in a bright color simply because you are afraid that it will not go well with the rest of your decor!

Orange sofa in a modern living room in gray

sofa orange deco living room gray

The living room voting walls, and especially the wall against which the sofa is placed, must obviously be in a shade that follows well with the orange. The complementary colors of orange are the colors that are opposite in the color circle. For example, if it is dark orange, you can choose light blue walls. By putting your walls in blue, the sofa in orange will stand out even more by creating a remarkable contrast. If you opt for blue-toned wallpaper with orange and neutral patterns like gray, you'll have your starting point for the color scheme in the living room. For a slightly softer look, opt for wallpaper in earthy colors such as red, yellow and orange.

Decorative living room idea with leather sofa in orange

orange sofa leather lounge

When it comes to decorating windows, varying the textures around the room is as important as the colors you use. Let the deco of the windows play a role for the fabric of the sofa. Thus, for example, blinds in white wood or slats can create a textural balance for a sofa in orange-red shade made of micro-velvet. If it's an ultra modern leather sofa with a sleek design, do not hesitate to use curtains with a retro touch to create an interesting contrast.

Elegant living room deco with designer sofa

leather sofa round design

A lot of orange may not be a good solution for living room decor, so for other furniture in the room you can opt for neutral shades. And if you prefer bright colors, consider choosing a coffee table, a shelf and a fireplace in gray, black or white. For a space filled with warm fall colors, you can incorporate light or unpolished wood elements. Unify the space using tapestries in the decorative colors already existing in the living room.

Original design living room with orange couch

orange sofa deco modern living room

Decorative accessories in a living room with sofa in orange should be quite coherent with the chosen theme. If it's a rustic-style living room, then choose accessories in orange or dark green. No need to overload the space, some key elements will be sufficient. Same for other decorative styles. Here are now a lot of interesting ideas how to decorate your living room with a designer sofa in orange. Take a good look at them and choose what suits you best with your tastes and preferences in interior design:

Original living room decoration

orange sofa round shape design

Industrial style living room with small sofa in orange

orange sofa decoration elegant living room

Eclectic design lounge with orange couch

living room eclectic design canape orange

Elegant design leather sofa in orange

canape orange leather salon

Idea for interesting decoration of living room with sofa in orange

orange sofa interior design deco

orange sofa original design coffee table

orange sofa deco lounge white

orange sofa interesting design

modern design orange sofa

orange sofa modern stylish design

orange sofa yellow windows

orange canape

canape orange idea deco living room

orange sofa idea living room decoration

interior orange sofa interior design interesting

modern orange sofa small

orange canape green wall

orange canape clear shade living room

orange sofa modern living room

children's room sofa

open space deco orange furniture

deco interior design sofa

deco small living room sofa design

decoration living room sofa design

contemporary living room decoration canape

white orange modern living room decoration

deco living room sofa idea

deco living room design interesting

deco living room elegant sofa

deco industrial lounge sofa

green orange living room deco

deco lounge industrial style

idea deco living room modern sofa

idea living room design deco

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