Organic plywood shelves by Matter Design

wooden shelves plywood modern design wooden shelf

The two creators and founders of Matter Design, Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee, designed Ply Shelf, shelves in plywood of organic and modern design.

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To design it, they used 3D models and a CNC machine controlled by computer. Thanks to the clever and graphic use of laminated plywood, the shelf has a real distorted effect. Fixing elements wall are not visible and in this way the fluidity of the whole is present.

Ply Shelf plywood shelves by Matter Design

wooden shelves design plyshelf modern interior shape graphic design contemporary

Matter Design , American studio is based next to Boston and created by two designers Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee. The Ply Shelf shelf is one of their latest projects. At first glance, the shelf is of simple design, but in reality its design is complex. In appearance minimalist , it can integrate with all types of interior.

Shelves Ply Shelf is ideal for those who love minimalist design

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Organic plywood shelves

wood plywood shelf design modern interior contemporary idea storage

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