Organize an original and country wedding in the garden

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How to organize a original wedding who favors a good atmosphere and keeps the budget within reasonable limits? If you are one of those who come out of a restaurant think you would have been better at home, with friends, to spend a nice evening and a little less formal, read on.

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It is possible to inject fewer resources, financial or in terms of energy invested to coordinate the different trades, and to focus more on the quality of time spent together, to make this day a truly privileged and friendly which you will hear about for many years. The recipe: less glitter, less clichés, and more authenticity.

an original wedding that privileges authenticity

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We offer you a wedding original and rural, whether in your garden, at a friend's house who agrees to lend you his country house, or even in a park if you live in town and you have no knowledge that have a lot of land great to welcome the happy event .

and why not in a park?

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My parents were married near a shelter in the mountains. The time was easier, it must be admitted, to initiatives a little out of the ordinary. They invited all their friends to camp on the spot, around a fire. On the first day they made a méchoui a whole sheep cooked on a spit, and their marriage lasted three days, since it was necessary to eat the poor beast who had not been a lamb for a long time.

the unique landscapes of nature

original wedding decoration garden park

This solution was ideal because the younger ones did not sleep much, and the older ones had the necessary comfort since they were housed in the shelter. The old couple who held the shelter were thrilled, they had not hosted such a troupe of their entire career, made a little profit through the event, and my parents did not have to go into debt over 10 years to repay the happiest day of their lives. I can assure you that everyone still talks about it as the best wedding they have attended. See our selection of images of rural weddings, and make your choice.

a wedding that favors conviviality

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interesting and original wedding

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Bohemian-chic outside wedding

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It takes little to be happy

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ask your close friends to help you create the decor

handmade wedding decoration

favor simplicity

original wedding organized garden

take the trees as witnesses to the party

original wedding middle forest

a little common sense and good taste

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