Origami Christmas decoration in 75 original and interesting ideas

Origami Christmas tree decor

We all love having new toys and ornaments every year to create a beautiful Christmas decor. But it is true that Christmas decorations are getting more and more expensive and we can not always afford to renew our collection for every Christmas.

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In case you want something really original and easy to do to make your Christmas decor even more magical, then you are definitely in the right place. Have you ever thought about origami christmas decoration ? If you like the idea of ​​decorating your home and your Christmas tree with origami, then here are some beginner level projects that will allow you to give a festive touch to your decor.

Interesting christmas decoration origami

origami deco christmas pinecones

Let's start with origami "Father Christmas "Easy to do that your kids will love. To make it happen, you need a square of origami paper that is red on one side and white on the other. Flip the paper with the white side toward you. Fold it in half diagonally. Fold well and unfold. Turn to have the shape of a diamond. Fold each side toward the center to form a kite. Fold the bottom of the kite upwards. Flip the paper. Fold the top of the paper down to form a white triangle. This will become Santa's face with his beard. Then fold the paper down again to make the edge of his hat. Fold the sides to make a triangular shape. Use a black marker to draw Santa's face. The folded sides will allow origami to stay upright if you wish.

Origami Christmas decoration ideas

origami deco christmas ideas

Let's continue our Christmas decoration origami with an origami shaped candle for deco windows or for the decoration of a beautiful Christmas card. The model requires a square of yellow origami paper on one side and white or neutral color on the other. Do not start the yellow side of the paper facing you. Fold vertically in half and then open one side. Fold both ends towards the middle. Repeat once more and then unfold. Fold the upper part a little down and unfold again. Use a pair of scissors to cut exactly three sections from the left side and then from the right side of the paper, leaving only two sections in the middle. Make two small slits with the scissors at the end of the yellow square. Fold the sides again to finish the base of the candle. Flip the paper over, fold the top ends in the middle and shape the candle flame by bending the corners as desired. If necessary, use glue to attach the slopes to the base of the candle.

Christmas origami light garland

origami deco christmas light garland

Want canes of origami sugars? Origami sugar canes are almost like real ones, but they are actually made from a single square of red origami paper on one side and white on the other. Start with the white side by turning it towards you. Fold the diagonal in half. Unfold to have an X-shaped pattern. Turn the paper to get a diamond shape in front of you. Fold the bottom part upwards, leaving a small white edge. Flip the paper. Make a series of folds starting from the base and along the entire length of the paper. This will create the distinctive stripes of sugar cane. When the paper is completely folded, make a small diagonal fold about ⅓ of the length from the top to form the bow of the cane. Make a second diagonal fold at the end of the bow to finish the pattern.

Origami star for christmas decoration

origami deco christmas star

Origami flowers are also very popular and you can use them instead of decorative knots and ribbons in your Christmas decor. For this project, you will need three sheets of red square paper and three sheets of green square paper. The green squares must be twice as big as the red squares. The back of the paper will not be seen in this model so you can use plain paper in case you do not have origami paper on hand. Start with the red paper giving it a diamond shape, leaving the back side up if your paper is not the same color on both sides. Fold in half along each diagonal and unfold. Fold the corners up and down towards the middle folds. Fold a second time to the middle. Fold diagonally from the center making the ends of the folds ¼ and ¾ of the paper. Fold diagonally one more time to create a double sheet shape. Create two more leaves, then flip all the leaves and glue them together. Repeat this process with the green paper squares to create the leaves of the flower. Stick the red flower on the green leaves. Stick a red button in the center of the flower to finish. Want other ideas? So look at these beautiful pictures with origami for the Christmas decor:

Origami flower for Christmas decoration

origami deco christmas flower original

Origami Christmas wreath

origami deco Christmas garland elegante

Origami Christmas ornaments

origami deco christmas balls

Christmas decoration with origami

origami deco christmas stars idea

Origami Christmas balls

christmas balls origami

Christmas cards decorated with origami

Christmas card origami idea

Another Christmas card template with origami

origami christmas cards

Origami Christmas decoration in green and red

Christmas wreath origami idea

Origami angels for Christmas decor

deco Christmas DIY origami

Christmas stars origami

deco christmas origami stars

Christmas wall decoration with origami

deco Christmas origami walls

Origami Christmas decoration in yellow and blue

deco Christmas ornament idea

Christmas deco idea with origami

christmas tree ornaments

deco Noel father Noel origami

deco christmas door idea

deco Christmas tree origami paper

christmas decoration origami

decoration Christmas origami idea star

decoration Christmas origami red green

deco christmas tree origami

deco origami Christmas table

origami deco christmas idea

origami deco christmas balls flowers

origami deco christmas multicolored circle

origami deco christmas crown

origami deco christmas stars

origami deco christmas flowers

origami deco christmas flowers silver

origami deco christmas flowers DIY

origami deco christmas flowers interesting

origami deco christmas flowers pages books

origami deco christmas garland

origami deco christmas idea

origami deco Christmas interesting idea

origami deco christmas interesting idea

origami deco christmas original idea

origami deco christmas interesting idea

origami deco christmas ornaments fir

origami deco christmas butterflies

origami christmas red deco

origami deco Christmas red green $

origami Christmas tree decor

origami Christmas tree decor creative

origami deco christmas original fir

origami christmas ball deco

origami christmas crown deco

origami christmas dragon fir

origami christmas elegance idea

origami Christmas elephant rose

origami Christmas star silver

origami Christmas star explanation

origami christmas flowers idea

origami Christmas red flowers

origami Christmas red flowers

origami Christmas idea deco

origami Christmas decoration

origami noel elegant decoration

origami Christmas interesting idea

origami Christmas original idea

origami Christmas bird deco

origami Christmas butterfly paper

origami christmas fir tree

origami christmas tomatoes paper

ornaments Christmas DIY origami

gold origami Christmas tree

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