Origami lamp: elegant, timeless and design

lamp origami lampshade design paper suspension deco idea lamp diy

How to create an original lamp and design at a very low price? Bring large sheets of paper and make a origami lamp yourself! You've certainly had the opportunity to fold a boat or plane in paper.

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But did you think that in reality it is possible to create many decorative and practical objects using only paper?

The art of origami is often considered as a simple fun activity for children. Yet the art of folding paper comes from a long tradition of Chinese and Japanese origin. It appears at the same time as the discovery and manufacture of paper in the second century in China.

Origami lamp: elegant, timeless and design

lamp origami paper deco suspension design lampshade diy activity manual paper

Paper making flourished in the seventh century in Japan. It was also at this time that the art of folding paper became more and more popular. The tradition of origami had, indeed, a symbolic meaning. Origamis were used for special ceremonies and had a good luck value. Paper folding has developed in parallel with the spread of paper in China, but the most important tradition has its origins in Japan.

Nowadays, this art is named "Â Â origamiÂ" Japanese words "Â Â Orua" resulting in "Â bow to" in French and "Kami"? translated "Â Â papierÂ" . The classical transmission of this art is realized with the help of the demonstration. There are several books of diagrams to learn how to model paper. Today, you can find many videos online - an alternative demonstration that comes closest to traditional learning - that of direct demonstration.

Bedside lamp or suspended lamp: long live origami creation!

lampshade paper white design diy origami deco paper lamp

Nowadays, origami has many fans. It is an activity of charm and delicacy that requires few means and can be done everywhere. Just find the appropriate paper! This art makes us savor the happiness of artistic creation. He teaches us to be patient. If you are a beginner, folding a lamp is ideal to start. The first steps always require patience, but you will be very happy as soon as you get the first results.

Paper shades of original shape

lampshade diy idea suspension lamp design modern idea

You can make a bedside lamp or a lamp in suspension, the result will always be elegant and personalized. You need: sheets of paper, time and patience. Once the lamp is made, you can place the bulb. It is very important to choose a bulb that does not heat otherwise you risk burning your beautiful creation.

Large origami lampshade

lampshade paper deco lighting fixture suspension design brico paper deco

To make the example below, take two large sheets of paper 50 x 70 cm (avoid the tracing paper, because it is more difficult to work), a pencil and a large ruler, tape, a hole punch and a cotton thread. Cut the two leaves in two to obtain four leaves.

Then take the pencil and the ruler to begin folding. Realize them by hand guiding you with the marks that you have placed on the sheet. Make the folds following the dots: a straight line every 5 cm. After making the folds, turn the sheet over to make the following folds this time diagonally. .

Do not forget the golden rule: folding is always done in the same direction (never accordion!). Once you have made all the folds, you must already bend everything to get the right shape. It is necessary to realize all these steps on the 3 other leaves and then to fix the 4 origamis to obtain a large shade. Here you can to consult the illustrated demonstration step by step. Dare the origami lamp: elegant, personalized and suitable for all interiors!

Original paper lamp

lampshade origami paper deco fixture hanging brico

Paper lampshade

lampshade suspension paper decor origami lamp decoration idea

Folding easy to make

lampshade paper diy origami lamp idea brico

Original paper bedside lamps

lamp origami paper table lamp lampshade to tinker paper living room deco idea

Pretty paper lamp imitating wood

lamp paper lampshade paper deco suspension living room bedroom cardboard design

Mini paper lamp

bedside lamp origami paper idea diy lampshade

White and pink paper lamp beautifully matched with the decoration

origami lamp suspension design original lampshade paper diy table wooden low lounge sofa purple

Small lamp

lamp origami lampshade paper DIY cardboard origami deco paper

origami lamp paper design lampshade deco idea bedroom

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origami diy lamp paper suspension fixture diy easy

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Origami Lamp Origami Deco Hanging Lampshade Paper DIY

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