Original and personalized fir tree for an ecological Christmas

christmas tree original christmas idea decoration wood design garland

As soon as the holiday season arrives, we install the king of our interior and the essential symbol of Christmas: the fir tree. Every season a question haunts us: how and what original fir Christmas choose?

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Is it the purchase of a natural ecological fir tree? There are many alternatives to the classic fir tree. An artificial Christmas tree lacks charm and smell. Moreover, it is not quite the ideal solution. Despite its durability assuming its use for a few years, the impacts related to its manufacture are not to be neglected. The materials used are PVC, plastic and aluminum, the production of which generates significant waste. All the same, if you already have an artificial Christmas tree, try to keep it as long as possible.

Original Christmas tree made with wooden shelves

fir wood shelves idea original star suspension deco

Wallonia is the second largest producer of fir trees in Europe followed by Denmark. The total cultivated area is 5000 ha. Often, producers respond to requests by using pesticides and fertilizers. These are intensive crops that obviously have an impact on the environment. However, to dampen its environmental impact, the most ecological solution is the natural tree, unless you want to make your own with recycled materials? Yes, it's possible! We invite you to discover our selection of 50 examples of original alternatives of the classic Christmas tree. Here they are…

Original fir pattern

christmas tree original sticker gray idea design deco christmas

It is true that nothing can replace the charm and freshness of a natural Christmas tree. It is of course possible to have a grown at home in a flowerpot, but if you do not have a terrace or balcony to put it out (the tree likes the cold), it will not live very long . For this reason, there are many ideas how to recreate the shape of the Christmas tree by using different objects. Here is an idea how to make a Christmas tree with books or postcards:

Christmas tree ideas with books and postcards

original Christmas tree idea Christmas decoration design

Why not just draw your Christmas tree? You can make a beautiful drawing with the help of your children and stick it to the wall:

Nice drawing of Christmas tree glued to the wall

christmas tree drawing wall idea star yellow design chair wood

If you have flower pots with plants that live all year round at home, you can decorate them in the spirit of Christmas. If you have empty flowerpots, you can put tree branches and decorate them as in the example below:

Alternative idea of ​​original fir

christmas tree original christmas white design idea deco christmas ball

It is also possible to make a cardboard Christmas tree. Many people do this because it allows to go through the process of traditional decoration. Here is a cardboard tree decorated in four different ways:

Cardboard tree

christmas tree cardboard idea

Making a wooden tree is also possible! There are many ideas, here are two examples:

Christmas tree made of wood

wooden tree design star wood idea deco candles

Pretty wooden Christmas tree with original decoration

fir wood original design idea deco armchair white

Black fir tree decorated with Christmas balls

fir original idea black christmas ball garland white

Paper tree beautifully decorated with light garland

fir paper wall deco christmas idea garland

Idea Christmas tree with string very easy to make

christmas tree idea star deco wall christmas original

Original paper tree

christmas tree decoration idea christmas wall

Wall drawing

fir drawing wall idea design interior deco wall

Original idea with cushions

Christmas tree original idea green cushions stars

christmas tree original christmas light garland idea

christmas tree original idea garland paper design

fir original idea white sign garland light deco christmas room

fir tree original metal design idea Christmas decor

tree idea original stickers idea red design white chair

christmas decoration christmas tree branch toys idea christmas ball design decoration

christmas tree design original idea furniture wood design frame wall

christmas tree original idea decoration christmas ball christmas decoration

christmas tree original shells starfish idea design

fir tree minimalist design branch tree idea christmas decoration

christmas tree idea christmas decoration christmas tree garland

christmas tree original christmas decoration idea bear design

fir original wall deco christmas idea objects design

christmas fir original idea deco branch tree garland light origami deco

red christmas ball idea fir tree original branch tree

original christmas tree star christmas decoration idea light garland

christmas idea white fir star red cushions

christmas tree original blackboard idea

christmas tree idea deco original design different

christmas tree original christmas idea books deco star

christmas tree original christmas living room olive decorating idea floor mat white black mirror

fir wood green design idea deco table

christmas fir tree deco idea objects armchair cushion furniture wood

green christmas ball idea deco ribbon interior design bouquet of pink flowers

original christmas tree idea design christmas decor

Original and personalized fir tree for an ecological Christmas

deco fir tree drawing signboard white idea wooden furniture design

fir wood drawing idea deco wall design

fir idea original christmas decoration idea

christmas tree design garland light idea living room fireplace wood floor mat white

white christmas tree design christmas idea

christmas tree idea original drawing

fir idea original christmas spirit deco garland light ideas

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