Original bathroom: a bathroom in the attic


If you want both to save space and to have a bathroom original It's a good idea to have a bathroom in the attic.

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The bathroom in the attic is not only practical from a space point of view, but also much easier to arrange than the bathroom in an ordinary room. In this article, we will give you some practical tips and some ideas in pictures for the layout of a bathroom original in the attic.

Original bathroom in the attic

original bathroom bathtub

What is very important to know when setting up a bathroom in the attic is to place the shower cubicle or bathtub where the ceiling is the lowest. So you can enjoy the rest of the space to put all the furniture you need. Since the space in the attic is already limited, consider using convenient and comfortable shelves and storage units.

Original bathroom decorated with natural stone

original bathroom modern design

Another very practical tip for decorating the bathroom in the attic is to place your furniture throughout the walls. This way you will have more room to move and the room will look visually bigger. You can also use furniture that completely covers one of the walls to leave the other walls free if you want to use other accessories or decorations.

Original bathroom in rustic style

original bathroom in the attic

Arrange skylights or roof windows in your original bathroom in the attic. Why not take advantage of the fact that your bathroom is in the attic and use more natural light? It is proven that using as much natural light as possible is better for your health and very practical also for putting on makeup, for example. Make an effort to place 2-3 glass panels on the roof and your bathroom will immediately turn into a unique place.

Modern bathroom with large roof windows

contemporary bathroom

Light colors are preferred for the bathroom in the attic. Since this piece is often small and generally quite dark, the use of dark colors is not a good choice. Opt for clear and bright nuances. White is still the most popular option, but you are under no obligation to decorate your bathroom entirely in white. Choose white for the floor and walls and complete it with carpets and accessories in bright colors such as red, green or orange. This will help you create a good contrast and make your bathroom look more spacious.

Bathroom in the attic with shower stall

original bathroom shower cubicle

Who says you can not use wallpaper in a small space? Just do not overload the decor of your bathroom and not choose a wallpaper that will make it suffocating. Opt for wallpapers with small patterns or in clear and relaxing colors. Even if bright shades are recommended in the bathroom, if you make it all in yellow duck is certainly not a good option. Here are some examples to inspire you:

Modern bathroom idea with wooden roof

original design bathroom

Elegant bathroom fittings

original bathroom design

Modern bathroom and design

original bathroom decoration

Minimalist design bathroom in white

original bathroom bathtub

Bathroom design idea

attic bathroom

Bathroom decoration with brick

small bathroom decoration

Zen bathroom

decoration small modern bathroom

Bathroom decorated in gray and white

design bathroom design

Bathroom with modern furniture

attic bathroom decoration

modern attic bathroom decoration

deco bathroom tub

idea deco bathroom tub round

contemporary bathroom deco idea

modern bathroom deco idea

idea bathroom black white

idea of ​​deco bathroom small space

blue white bathroom idea

attic bathroom idea

bathroom attic wood furniture

modern bathroom idea

small bathroom idea

bathroom ideas marble surfaces

elegant bathroom furniture

modern bathroom furniture

bathroom deco

contemporary bathroom deco

original bathroom deco

white design bathroom

contemporary bathroom design

modern design bathroom

bathroom design floor wood

attic luxury bathroom

elegant original bathroom

original bathroom attic

original bathroom attic design

original bathroom attic windows roof

original bathroom interesting

original bathroom skylight

modern original bathroom

original bathroom yellow wall

original green bathroom yellow

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