Original Christmas tree for a unique decor

Christmas tree original unique idea

It is already time to start preparing the interior decoration for Christmas. The most important and interesting thing about the Christmas decor has always been the Christmas tree .

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But decorating the Christmas tree does not mean just reusing the decorations you've been using for years. Do not you want a original Christmas tree this year? It does not matter the decor style of your interior or the space available. In this article you will find some really interesting ideas on how to create a unique and personalized Christmas tree using paper, fabric or other unconventional materials to celebrate the holidays in style.

Drawn original Christmas tree

original Christmas tree drawing

Let's start with original Christmas tree in paper. Creating a paper tree is very easy and fun. You can use cardboard, pages torn from old books, vintage paper, colored paper or white paper and apply it on a conical shape reminiscent of the shape of the traditional Christmas tree. Then you just have to decorate the shape with ribbons of different colors, buttons, beads or even with decorative flowers. Use your imagination and be creative!

Original Christmas tree made of muffins

original Christmas tree cupcakes

Want a Christmas tree that will become the central piece of your decor? So how about a tree made of pearls and jewelry? Yes, the firs decorated with jewels and pearls are really magical and the one who invented them is a real genius! Such a tree may be a bit more expensive than the paper tree, but you can once again use a flexible conch shape or polystyrene and avoid glue to reuse your jewelry after the holidays. In case you are looking for a slightly more expensive alternative, it is possible to use colored buttons instead of jewels, or glitter, precious pearls, faux pearls, rhinestones or vintage and retro jewelry.

Decoration with Christmas trees in seashells

christmas tree original seashells

You are certainly already looking forward to trying your Christmas recipes and boasting in front of your guests. But if you also want to prevent them from overeating during festive meals, then you can arrange the desserts in shapes that are too good to touch. Like, for example, use desserts to create beautiful Christmas trees. On a nice platter arrange cupcakes, fruits, macaroons and even vegetables and small cheeses in the shape of sweet and savory Christmas trees.

Large Christmas tree cardboard

christmas tree original carton

Another very nice idea: the Christmas tree in shells. This is a great idea especially for those of us who live in warm regions near the sea or for nostalgic summer holidays. If you collected seashell on your last trip to the sea, then it's time to use them. You can leave them nature or paint them in different colors and decorate them with rhinestones and sequins to create a unique and more festive decoration.

Creative Christmas tree made of wood

original christmas tree wood idea

If you like to sew, then to you the fabric Christmas tree! It is not difficult to create the shape of the fir fabric and the result is very original. Choose one or more fabrics and create the tree of your dreams! You can sew just the shape and then decorate it with other decorations for an even more elegant and interesting tree. Here are some more inspirational ideas in pictures:

Interesting decoration with alternative Christmas tree

original Christmas tree interesting idea

Very elegant alternative Christmas tree

Christmas tree original elegant idea

Christmas tree made of jewelry

original Christmas tree jewelry

Modern Christmas tree

christmas tree decoration

original Christmas tree garland

alternative Christmas tree

alternative wood christmas tree

white christmas tree

christmas tree deco balls

christmas tree idea wood

original idea christmas tree

Interesting Christmas tree

Christmas tree wall idea

alternative original Christmas tree

Christmas tree original DIY

original christmas tree idea

original Christmas tree paper idea

interesting original Christmas tree

original Christmas tree paper

alternative Christmas tree idea

Christmas tree original idea

interesting Christmas tree

alternative original Christmas tree idea

original Christmas tree wood floats

Christmas tree original cardboard idea

christmas tree original cake

Christmas tree original garlands

Christmas tree original alternative idea

christmas tree original idea seashells

Christmas tree original paper idea

Christmas tree original ideas

interesting original Christmas tree

original Christmas tree wall

original Christmas tree wall

original Christmas tree food

original Christmas tree beads

pink original Christmas tree

christmas tree paper diary

christmas tree idea deco

christmas tree idea mural

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