Original coffee table inspired by Anna Neklesa's Russian ballet

coffee table original design interior object design designer russian anna neklesa

What is the result of the meeting between creativity and passion? The answer is the new original coffee table named Giselle. The Russian born designer Anna Neklesa, influenced by Russian ballet, created this little design jewel.

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The upper part of the table is made of steel or anodized aluminum, while the legs are made of oak. The coffee table also has storage space for newspapers, magazines and other small items. Very creative and super original design. Look :

Original coffee table "Giselle" by young designer Anna Neklesa inspired by Russian ballet

coffee table original design white furniture design contemporary designer russian anna-neklesa

Anna Neklesa is a young designer currently based in London, England. Originally from the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, she works particularly in the field of interior design and design industrial .

Space to store magazines and newspapers

coffee table original Russian contemporary designer

In an interview, she explains that the table was inspired by her desire to give an image of modern Russia through the beauty of ballet: "I was wondering - what is the new look of modern Russia that I would like to share with the world? It was ballet. Nothing else expresses the Russian spirit as well as this form of art. For a few centuries, fragile and beautiful ballerinas with a strong and passionate character excited intelligent minds all over the world. I wanted to express the beauty of the Russian soul with this table, combine fragility and the forced one " . And here's the result :

A strong and elegant presence

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