Original floral decoration ideas for Easter

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Let's see how to achieve pretty decoration floral for the beautiful feast of Easter . The flowers are a summary of what nature has more beautiful and more harmonious to offer us.

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It's no wonder that everyone, from bees to humans, is affected by such a display of colors, shapes and natural engineering. The flowers should be present in all the houses, they offer us their freshness and a unique sense of vitality. These are the basic ingredients to achieve the most beautiful decorations .

a colorful floral decoration

decoration easter flowers candle

To create a unique floral decoration that incorporates the main paschal themes, the first thing is to choose your flowers. It would also be possible to use fake flowers, but this time of year is a time when nature is so generous in various blooms that it would be a pity. Get for example tulips, at your florist or even better in your garden, if you have the chance to have one. Choose them in a tone, or diversify the colors, for an even stronger visual effect.

use tulips

flower arrangement candy tulips

You can of course use other types of flowers, sunflowers, roses, hyacinths, according to your preferences! Also use sprigs of blooming fruit trees, such as cherry or peach. Then gather all the elements of Easter decoration that hang in an old cardboard somewhere in the attic: chicks, rabbits, carrots, chickens, eggs, anything you find.

or twigs of trees

Easter decorations hanging on branches

You will also need a vase in which you will install your floral decoration. It is possible to do it yourself , with objects that you find at home. Make several even, as you will be able to dispose of it in several places of the house. Then, for the base of the bouquet, use a green floral foam holder, or else a piece of expanded polystyrene will do just fine. It is obviously necessary that the vase is not transparent, if it is the case camouflage the foam under a colored decoration.

camouflage the foam

decoration Easter sweet pot fabric

Fill the vase to the brim with small pebbles, candies and small eggs of all colors. Then fix your flowers in the foam and you get an explosion of colors, which in addition can be eaten. You can attach flowers that you have made yourself with skewers wooden sticks, on which you will put eggs, chocolate or polystyrene sold in the trade. Take your decorative elements of Easter , and using a hot glue gun attach them to various places in the vase.

an explosion of colors

decoration Easter eggs polystyrene

You get a beautiful colorful floral decoration, rich in colors and various elements that will delight your children. Another composition that you can place in the center of the table requires a bit of DIY but is of a most decorative effect. Get wooden boards, which will be used to create a planter-shaped tray. You will need three long sides, and two smaller faces. Always with the glue gun, create a sort of trough, in which you will place a strip of grass.

a beautiful decorative effect

floral decoration planter wood

There is high synthetic grass, which will be ideal for planting flowers, eggs and decorative elements. You can also cut a small strip of grass using a sharpened spade, the dimensions of your planter. If you use real grass, line the bottom of the tray with a piece of plastic sheeting to make it waterproof. Get some seasonal flowers with their roots and sprinkle them on your table. And so, whether you are in town or in the country, you will have a distinguished guest at your table, Mother Nature. Spend a happy Easter, and let the colors abound in your interior, it's good for morale!

planting eggs in the synthetic grass

synthetic eggplant chocolate

reuse Easter accessories

floral decoration branches accessories

sprinkle the turf with decorative elements

center synthetic grass table

or use catnip

center table grass real flowers

eggs covered with moss

Easter table center idea

an edible decor

floral composition sweets rabbits marshmallow

light tones

composition grass synthesis eggs

the daffodil is the little Easter queen

floral decoration planter

favor pastel tones

floral decoration flowers eggs jar

bring color

floral decoration candy colorful buckets

a deco with finesse

floral decoration twigs eggs cloth

vintage box floral decoration

floral decoration daffodils basket

floral decoration painted eggs

floral decoration potatoes basket

Easter eggs floral decoration

floral decoration roses daffodils

decoration Easter twigs eggs

decoration Easter real carrots

decoration Easter colorful eggs flowers

decoration Easter fresh flowers

decoration Easter floral composition

decoration Easter grass synthesis

decoration Easter rabbit porcelain

decoration easter pastel tones

decoration Easter flowers silk

rustic wood planter

candy daffodil vase

foam daffodil vase

bunny Easter stuffed

decorative rabbits carrots eggs

daisy fabric sweets

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