Original garden fence in fifty captivating ideas

modern style garden fence

A garden fence has two main functions: a safety function and a decorative function. It does not matter if it is wood, pvc, stone, wrought iron, pallets or masonry, it is important to choose it.

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Its aesthetic is as important as its protective role. Discover our selection of more than fifty ideas from garden fence original.

Original garden fence in 50 ideas

modern outdoor garden fence

A garden fence can be of different size. It all depends on the desired intimacy when of your relaxing time in the sun. There are choices of garden fencing that are both effective for sheltering outside looks, but without giving you a sense of confinement and isolation.

Very original garden fence

breeze view garden fence wood

Choose your fence according to the environment. The choice will not be the same if you live in an urban area or in the countryside. A rather calm environment does not require barriers very high. If you have a villa in a quiet place, put a small fence. Opt for a natural material: wood, small stone wall, pallets, wooden logs, tree trunks. Try to harmonize the fence around the area while providing an effective barrier to avoid the dogs next door!

An elegant and original barrier

garden fence contemporary house

The materials vary depending on the degree of security sought, the type of intrusion and your own tastes and desires. The most natural material is wood. It is light and in unison with nature. Non-invasive, warm. Moreover, there are several styles and designs . Wood is a sensitive material, but it can be treated so that it is weather resistant. You can varnish or paint them. You can also keep its rustic and raw side for a very natural effect. The branches are perfect for creating a cheap and ecological fence. The living wicker hedge and the bamboo hedge are real trends . For a very harmonious side with nature, a stack fence of logs or tree trunks will give a very wild side to your garden.

Small garden with white wooden fence

vintage garden fence deco

Pallets are also a possible choice. They can be easily transformed into a beautiful fence and you can even paint them in different colors. The choice of a stone wall is also natural and aesthetic. It provides you with very effective protection. Wrought iron provides a very effective protection, but it is less aesthetic and creates a feeling of confinement. It can always be decorated with vegetation.

Fence and breeze view of original garden

vegetable garden fence wicker resin sofa

Garden fence idea with flowers

black garden fence garden idea layout original exterior modern

Wooden fence for small space

garden fence original branch wood idea landscaping garden flowers protection

An almost invisible fence

original garden fence design wooden garden table

Even better than the wooden garden fence, it is without a doubt the natural hedge. The plant fence is the best solution for those who want a fence that blends with the natural setting. The natural and vegetal hedge offers both aesthetics and safety. This type of partitioning brings a lot of benefits. We must not forget that she is alive! It is therefore necessary to ensure a minimum of maintenance. It will not only protect you from neighbors' eyes, but also from wind, sun and cold. Usually, one chooses its type of garden hedge according to the type of ground, the climate and the place of residence.

Plant fence

fence fence garden idea original garden protection

In general, there are two types of garden hedges: regular and free. Many people love the geometric and rigorous side of regular garden hedges. But be careful, this type of hedge requires more maintenance than the country hedge. The free hedge is to let the plants follow their natural form. It is therefore less demanding.

Interesting garden hedge idea

fence garden fence vegetable pool outdoor privacy

What shrubs for my garden hedge? They are chosen according to the type of soil of your garden. Is it limestone, sandy or clay? It is important to get to know the nature of your soil to choose your garden hedge. The variety of shrubs that can serve you to create your garden hedge its many. We distinguish especially cypress, hibiscus, bower, forsythia, cedar, hawthorn and others. For a hedge plant of average growth, we will choose the hibiscus, the bower, the hawthorn, the cotoneaster. For a fast growing hedge, opt for photinia, cypress, pyracantha, privet, laurel and forsythia. It is also possible to create a garden hedge with fruit trees. They can compose a fabulous hedge. In addition, the majority live throughout the year.

The garden fence: screening, windbreak and deco at a time

vegetable garden fence modern simple minimalist garden design

Be creative with your garden hedge. If you like flowers, do not hesitate to sprinkle a few in your hedge. Marry shrubs and climbing flowers to get a pretty colorful hedge. Have you ever heard of Miscanthus? This shrub impresses with its beautiful tuft. But its aesthetic is only one of its advantages. It is also very easy to maintain and grows quickly.

Miscanthus: perennial and bushy plant

fence garden hedge garden hedge plant

Finally, there are many ideal plant species for creating an original garden hedge. Some are classic, others atypical. You can play with colors, heights and seasons. For those who wish to meet in all discretion, we recommend the green wall. The latter consists of shrub, flowers and trees.

garden fence fence perennial plant

Feel free to experiment with the choice of your garden fence. The key is to choose the one that best fits your vision. Choosing a garden hedge instead of a metal fence is usually a good idea. Long live nature!

Garden hedge and flowers

garden hedge idea plant shrub fence garden


garden hedge plant idea plant fence

Nature and discretion

Original garden fence in fifty captivating ideas

Fine garden fence idea

idea to fence a garden toasting cheap

Original fence idea for modern garden

original garden fence house outdoor space cheap pvc

Vintage style fence for outdoor garden

garden fence white wood small garden home security garden fence

Photo solid wooden fence

garden fence original design wooden high protection pool armchair wooden garden

Classic fence

garden fence white classic wood simple mid-high vegetation

Idea of ​​confinement in an urban area

white pvc garden fence garden sofa cushions black coffee table white wood garden chair

Photo idea of ​​secure protection

garden fence metal idea protection mid-high original idea cheap

Atypical garden fence

idea fence garden fence wood child funny colorful characters

idea fence terrace garden space outdoor protected house tree

fence outdoor space garden idea interesting tree

fence garden elegant chic modern garden chair cushions idea

wooden fence garden house outdoor space chaise-longue metal plant

stone fence interesting idea garden wooden garden bench

fence simple traditional wood classic simple arrange his garden fence a garden

fence outdoor wood idea fence a garden cheap fence wood for garden

wooden fence for garden cheap wooden garden table wooden garden chair

fence terrace garden garden fence fencing fence garden

wood fence garden garden bench wooden yellow deco element

original garden fence terrace privacy romantic

garden fence outdoor space urban area stone tree flowerpot

Rustic wooden garden fence

natural vegetable palisade garden

garden fence cheap metal wood tree branches

edging idea garden fence jars jam

natural bamboo wood garden fence landscaping green space

fence cheap wood city high protection castorama

natural garden fence love idea fence privacy garden pool garden chair

vegetable garden fence wooden chair wooden garden sofa

terrace idea landscaping fence a garden idea sofa comfort

fence house town idea original contemporary design plant tree

idea fence terrace house town countryside security

fence wood garden idea cheap fire garden sofa design bamboo

Wedding blooming shrub and fence

fence garden idea interesting fine discreet house town

Wooden fence

garden fence wood resin braided cushions coffee table red table top

fence outdoor garden space idea urban area

close a garden cheap natural wood harmony nature

terrace fence idea breeze original view

fence wood garden home beautiful aesthetic natural harmonious

metal fence fence solid rigid security house

idea wood panels fence garden garden table wooden chair garden

idea garden toasting metal pool chair wood wooden floor

palisade pvc idea fence garden in town

wood fence small garden natural eco idea

garden fence pvc white palisade vegetation

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