Original library: 50 creative and interesting ideas


She is there to store our books and to help us with the organization of our interior. It's about the library without which our houses will be filled with piles of books and magazines in disorder!

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But how about a original library who will be functional at the same time? Today, we are going to present you some ideas how to make your decoration even more interesting by using a original library .

Original library of interesting form

original library living room design

Decorating your library is just as important as decorating your living room. Below you will find many ideas and useful tips combined with visual illustrations for the techniques we present to you. You will discover shelves of interesting shapes and designs that offer a strategic use of free space and accentuate the interiors in which they are located. But who would have supposed that the books could also serve as decoration?

White wall bookcase deco idea

original library modern design

If you have free space in your library, you can fill it with details and decorative elements. Vases, statuettes, art paintings, flowers - use whatever you want to create visual interest in your bookcase.

Wall bookcase of interesting design

original library interesting form

It is also very important to create a symmetrical decor, arranging the decorative elements with books - do it in a harmonious and elegant way. Opt for simplicity by ensuring that larger items are balanced by other equally large items and there are no empty spaces left to chance.

Living room decoration with freestanding bookcase

original library shape design

And speaking of empty space ... If you have the opportunity to leave part of the shelf unoccupied, then you will instantly create a minimalist effect. It's the small spaces that benefit the most from the minimalist decor, since the disorder creates the illusion of a much smaller space. On the other hand, the void can help you make the room appear more spacious.

Interesting design libraries

original library modern idea

As for the books, you can certainly arrange them vertically next to each other, but do not you want to change this traditional look a bit? Then try to lean your books to vary the design. In this way, you will also create space for your decorative objects. Another way to change the decor is by stacking the books which will create a more modern decor.

Modern living room with wooden design bookcase

original bookcase wood living room

Have you ever tried them shelves in colors ? If, for example, your living room is decorated in neutral colors, you can opt for a shelf in bright color such as red, yellow or why not orange. On the other hand, in rooms filled with bright colors, neutral color shelves are a great alternative. You can try the white, the gray or the taupe.

Designer bookcase in bright colors

original library shape design

But how can I make the bookcase itself more original? The easiest way to create an original bookshelf is to paint the inside of the shelves. This is a trend that has been observed for a few years and that allows to introduce a touch of bright colors in the living room decor. In addition, the painting really accentuates the contents of the shelves.

Open living room library

original library idea design

When one begins to arrange one's interior space with a library, two important criteria must be taken into account: the style and dimensions of the library. You can opt for a library ready made or modular. The modular furniture allows you to optimize your space to the maximum while keeping the desired aesthetic side. Its biggest advantage is that thanks to the flexible option, you can customize it to your liking. it exists, moreover, in version suspended on the wall and on the ceiling.

Original library to do it yourself

modern library interesting design

Did you know that you can now build your own library? You can make it from wooden pallets, stacked crates and old lockers. In addition, you can use your library to store your books or to display your decorative elements. A good idea would be to use it also as a partition for large spaces.

Living room decoration in black and white with white bookshelf

original white library idea

Whether in the living room or the bedroom, the library is everywhere. The important thing is to find your place intelligently, so that it does not clutter your room.

modern library elegant living room

Now you can find the library in a multitude of design and materials. Classic, snail, triangle or decomposed, it's up to you to find the style that best suits your outdoor space.

library origianle shape design

Which place to choose for your library? It all depends on the space you own. You can opt for a library under your stairs to save space. Or you can choose furniture hanging from the wall or ceiling. In addition, you can always call on a carpenter who will help you in your choices.

Bookcase with glass shelves

original white glass bookcase

You have the choice between an original bookcase in wood, steel or aluminum according to the design of your interior space.

original library wood idea

You can also bet on a built-in library on the wall. It is made to measure, so that it fits best in your space. The library is one of the most important spaces in your area. It is one of the furniture that we see first when entering and that attracts the most attention. So think about the library that will allow you to store all your books while keeping the aesthetic appearance.

original library decoration idea

original library contemporary design

original library idea decoration

contemporary bookcase contemporary living room

original modern wall library

original blue elements library

library modern elegant living room

wood design library idea

modern wood design library

white modern design library

interesting original design library

modern living room design library

modern library wood idea

white living room deco library

contemporary design living room bookcase

original design living room library

original library interesting design

bookcase original design living room

deco library modern design

modern living room decoration idea

modern library lounge deco

deco living room furniture library

modern library deco idea

Idea deco living room library

library design metal idea

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