Original Lunar Stone Watch by Analog Watch Company

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This original watch for men has just been launched by Analog Watch Company under the name Lunar Watch (Lunar Watch). What is special about her?

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Well, it is made from pieces of stone taken directly from the surface of the Moon and collected by the Luna probe in one of the missions carried out by the former USSR.

Original stone watch from the Moon's surface

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The Luna Probe, which transported soil samples from the Moon's surface for analysis by Earth scientists, is part of the space program of the former USSR. In the past, the latter competed with the programs of the United States and its space exploration agency, NASA.

Gift idea for men: the original Lunar Watch

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It is therefore within the framework of this Soviet space program that one of the probes has brought back pieces of rocks present on our natural satellite and which are now used for the manufacture of this original watch.

Original men's watch by Analog Watch Company

original watch rock moon man gift

Lunar Watch is made in Switzerland in limited numbers: only 25 pieces will be made and sold on the world market. According to Analog Watch Company, the material used for its manufacture is 4.5 million years old, which corresponds precisely to the period during which the Earth and the Moon would be formed.

Original moon rock watch

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The owners of the watch will have in their possession an object older than anything on the surface of our planet. Each watch will be delivered accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that proves its origin. The original watch is a ideal gift for men ; it is sold at a price of 24,500 euros.

Photo of original men's watch made of organic material

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With a size of 41 mm, Lunar Watch works like any other analog watch. Made of olivine basalt, one of the most common substances on the moon, it is adorned with an Italian leather strap. It also has a crystal surface and its interior is covered with stainless steel.

Collection of original watches by Analog Watch Company inspired by nature

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Analog Watch Company, which came up with the idea of ​​creating this unusual watch, is a small American company in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She specializes in the manufacture of watches inspired by nature.

Wooden design watch for men and women gift

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It offers a range of watches made of wood and marble and other accessories in organic materials. The stone and wood models in these collections are durable, environmentally friendly and 80 percent biodegradable. Even their packaging is completely recyclable!

Original gift idea: wooden design watches

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Interesting collections to browse by those who are looking for unusual gifts and original accessories !

Men's watch original and respectful of the planet

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Women's original watch in natural materials

original gift image modern watches

Original and modern watch idea for women

unusual gift idea woman watches

Collection of original watches by Analog Watch Company

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