Original, modern and functional cuisine of the morrow

original kitchen modern functional bar kitchen design alessandro isola

Functionality is more and more sought after by many people on a daily basis. The kitchen represents a central and important space. It needs to match the needs of the whole family.

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Today we have selected for you some examples of contemporary design from original cuisine , modern and functional. The first example below is an original kitchen created by designer Alessandro Isola. It is reconfigurable thanks to sliding parts with multiple uses. It was presented during Milan Design Week in 2014. It is an interactive space.

Original cuisine, Alessandro Isola

original kitchen design kitchen table

This original kitchen is transformed with a simple rotation or sliding of one of its elements

modern kitchen wood alessandro isola closet functional table

This cooked offers several practical storage

modern kitchen interior baking plate design

The slippery table

original modern design kitchen table

Storage for bottles

original modern kitchen interior decor

Kitchen with lines clean

modern design kitchen Original and functional kitchen, Alessandro Isola designboom

A very original object for the kitchen is this popcorn machine designed by the designer Jolene Carlier . It is an object at once functional and funny. His daily presence amuses young and old. This machine is an exciting experience: the process of popcorn preparation is striking.

Funny popcorn machine Monsoon, Jolene Carlier

idea object modern kitchen popcorn design jolene carlier funny

This bright yellow machine offers a very interesting popcorn preparation experience. The kids will love the process!

The step by step process

original modern popcorn machine funny design jolene carlier

First of all you have to remove the safety cap.

original kitchen object machine popcorn practice jolene

Then put the popcorn

original kitchen object popcorn machine

Here we go !

kitchen-original popcorn machine

Homemade popcorn is real happiness!

original design popcorn machine jolene carlier

And the result!

idea original kitchen modern popcorn machine

Cooking is an important element in our daily lives. Its complexity is not always obvious. In reality, cooking is a potential source of hardship for the elderly and the disabled. That's why the designer Dirk Biotto created ChopChop Kitchen. This multifunctional kitchen consists of two removable wooden tables with all that is needed to prepare food. The height of the two tables is adjustable. Everything is visible and easy to access - a simple movement is enough. The wood is inspired by the material used to make the benches. Everything is well thought out: there is even a built-in knife to easily cut hard-to-cut fruits and vegetables.

functional modern design kitchen chochop

Design kitchen Chopchop, Dirk Biotto

modern kitchen functional design handicapped elderly person

The sink and the dish drainer

modern kitchen sink easy practice

Practical sink with extension

kitchen design sink removable practical chopchop

Integrated raspberry

raspberry practice kitchen modern design

Storage for plates

kitchen functional layout elderly disabled person plate

This cooking table was created by designer Moritz Putzier. It is an essential and functional object. Practical and intelligent, this table actually represents what is needed to prepare, cook and preserve food products. This young designer is inspired mostly by the functionality. For example, ceramic bowls of different sizes have multiple uses. A whole kitchen in a table!

Practical kitchen table, Moritz Putzier

practical wood working table functional design moritz-putzier


kitchen original plate modern design gas cylinder moritz-putzier

cuisine chochop interior modern design kitchen wood

Cooktop that can be moved easily

plate design kitchen plate baking easy modern design

removable removable practical cooking plate

practical kitchen cooking plate original

kitchen practical object original layout

wooden table kitchen hob design-moritz-putzier

This mini kitchen was created by designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt. It represents a rectangular piece of furniture that turns into a table. This small kitchen has a built-in oven, hob and fridge. It takes very little space. This makes it perfect for small living spaces.

The mini-kitchen design, Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt

contemporary kitchen design petit appart kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

Small practical space to prepare the meal

The mini-kitchen design, Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt

The necessary to prepare the meal

functional kitchen small storage space kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

In two lands you transform this furniture into a table and a kitchen

kitchen dining table feature design all in one kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

The cooking plates

small apartment kitchen practice designkristin-laass-norman-ebelt

Functional magic!

small kitchen practical modern oven plate cooking plants kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

The little fridge

modern design interior kitchen small kitchen kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

The sliding oven

contemporary design small kitchen kristin-laass-norman-ebelt

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