Original sofa with unusual design and very creative in 20 ideas

modern design sofa karim rashid modern interior trend design

Want a modern and original touch in your living room? Today, we present you a selection of modern sofas with a unique design that will make each interior more personalized.

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Often, we tend to opt for sofas of simple design so that we can then match them easily with the rest of the furniture and decor. Why, this time, do not dare to original sofa creative design? Add blankets and cushions and make your living room more fun.

Original sofa in black "FOOT" by Sphaus

sofa original design modern interior living room black coffee table red

How many times is the feet of a sofa match the color of the tapestry? If your answer is almost never, you are absolutely right. For this reason, spHaus designed the sofa FOOTBALL : feet and tapestry of the same color for complete harmony. There is a very large choice of colors.

Original "The Mad Cow" sofa, Samuel Ben Shalom

sofa design trend living room furniture mobileir modern

The couch The Mad Cow is more than a designer sofa. It's a piece of furniture with a story. Designed by Talents Design Gallery, its design is contemporary and captivating. It's like coming from a fairy tale.

"Gladis" pear chair in pink by Aqua Creations

modern interior design armchair sofa idea living room design

Gladis is a sofa made by the company Aqua Creations. It is handmade from a variety of high-end fabrics. Very soft and comfortable, it will make each interior more cocoon and modern.

"Gladis" pear chair in red by Aqua Creations

pear chair interior design modern interior design

If you like geometric design, then the sofa float by Sancal with headrest is ideal for your living room. This sofa was designed by the famous designer Karim Rashid . It has a dual purpose: to serve as sofa and screen at a time, perfect to create a small private oasis at home. It is flexible and its components can be combined according to individual tastes. Karim Rashid is one of the greatest contemporary creators which has strongly marked the industrial design.

Original sofa in green and pink "Float", design Karim Rashid for Sancal

karim rashid design modern interior design sofa idea cushions

Sofa "Float" in gray and yellow, Karim Rashid

modern sofa design living room karim rashid sofa

Design sofas "Float", Karim Rashid for Sancal

sofa original design modern float karim rashid sancal interior living room design

"Cay Lounge" sofa, Alexander Rehn design

modern design modular sofa modern interior design

Designed by Alexander Rehn and manufactured by Structures, Cay Lounge is a sofa very unusual design. It changes according to the gravity and position of the body. What a revolutionary idea!

"Cay Lounge" sofa, Alexander Rehn design

modern design sofa modular design living room design

Modular "Gate" sofa by Offecct

sofa original design blue gate offecct living room layout idea

The c modular sofa Spoiled is made Fabric . Conceived by Offecct it is flexible and easy to adapt to the size of the room. Furthermore, it allows recharge his devices electrical at the same time . What happiness for the gicks!

"Gate" modular sofa by Offecct in blue

sofa original design blue convertible modular living room furniture modern

KNOKKE oak wood design sofa by Emmemobili

sofa original wood oak design bench modern interior

Emmemobili's unusual "Knokke" sofa was designed by designer Carlo Colombo. It looks very clean and made of solid oak.

KNOKKE oak wood sofa by Emmemobili

original sofa wood bench interior design original

Marvin Reber designed the sofa "The Inclusion Couch" to serve as both rest and play. Inspired by his childhood when he enjoyed playing with the cushions of his parents' sofa, Marvin decided to design a sofa that is susceptible to various transformations and that allows children to play with!

Very original design sofa "Inclusion" by Marvin Reber

sofa original living room design design armchair lighting idea living room

Sofa that allows children to play with

sofa design modern living room furniture idea chair

Revolutionary design

sofa original living room furniture design sofa bed

Bringing a touch of nature into your interior is always a good idea. A must for Scandinavian and minimalist interiors, it is no wonder that many people seek to create this effect in their living space. The rustic style sofa "Bleu Nature" is made of driftwood with old planks and a seat of calfskin.

Rustic design sofa, Louis Crusoe

sofa wood design living room layout modern wood rustic interior

Armchair of the same series

modern design lounge chair interior original layout

The Zanat's "The Branch" sofa is also like a bench in the park, but only seen from behind. His leg that turns into a tree with embroidery branches is fabulous.

Sofa "The Branch" by Zanat

couch cushion design furniture interior living room modern

"Autumntime" sofa in blue and brown by Gufram company

sofa original design modern bench company design gufram

The name "Autumntime" says everything. Who has not enjoyed the autumn days sitting on a bench in the park contemplating the nature that is preparing for sleep? With this designer sofa, you can recreate this scene at home without getting cold! Decorate your table with a bouquet of flowers or make a beautiful composition of leaves and invite the spirit of autumn park in your living room.

"Autumntime" sofa by Gufram

design living room modern design original sofa

Clear the boundaries between outside and inside and make them smoother. Thanks to the contemporary design sofa, Arredo di Pietra was very successful in the game.

Stone sofa, design Arredo di Pietra

modern sofa design stone armchair living room modern furniture stone sofa arredo di pietra

The sofa "Botan special" is designed by Benedetta Tagliabue. Inspired by the shape of the flower of the peony, it is flexible and susceptible to various compositions.

Modular sofa "Botan Sectional" by Benedetta Tagliabue

original sofa living room modern design modular sofa

Shape inspired by the flower of the peony

sofa original design interior modern design living room idea

Modular sofa "Island"

sofa modern design interior island design living room

In a modern style, the sofa "Island" is colorful and fun. Ideal for a minimalist style living room interior with vintage touches.

Colorful and fun

modular sofa design interior modern design living room ideas

"Lool" leather sofa by Venezia Homedesign

sofa design leather interior modern design living room

"Lool" is a soft and original sofa. The upholstered seat and backrest, as well as the integrated side table, ensure an unforgettable comfort. The table can be removed and the files rearranged.

Removable file and table

sofa removable backrest modern design built-in table

If you want to blend into your sofa, the modular sofa Shearer by Life Space Journey is for you. With wool balls and vintage leather, this sofa is an original design but without any pretension.

Modular Shearer Leather Sofa by Life Space Journey

sofa original leather living room interior design living room modern design

Leather armchair in the same series, Life Space Journey

armchair leather living room design idea modern landscaping

Modular sofa "The Shearer" by Life Space Journey

modular sofa leather modern design original

"The Shearer" modular armchair by Life Space Journey

armchair modular design modern living room furniture furniture trend leather coffee table

Vintage style

sofa design leather modern trend interior design living room design cushions

Modular corner sofa "Opera" by Softline

modular sofa modern design cushions living room furniture

The "Halo" Sofa by Softline combines vertical and horizontal geometric lines with adjustable backrest. Very functional and comfortable. The sofa "Opera" also designed by Softilne is a modular system with adjustable dimensions which makes it suitable for small spaces.

Armchair and sofa in blue "Opera" by Softline

sofa design living room modern armchair blue coffee table white

In blue and pink

modular sofa design interior modern furniture furnishings cushions

"Halo" in blue by Softline

modern blue design sofa armchair softline

Sofas and armchairs in soft colors

sofa modern design interior design idea opera softline

The fabric sofa folded has a stainless steel frame that makes it perfect to be placed under the sun rays at the seaside. If you do not live next to the sea, you can still enjoy its original design designed by Julien Viscount.

Sofa "Pliees", Julien Vidame design

sofa design trend modern interior living room layout trends

In soft Marsala fabric

sofa original design living room idea modern interior

Baroque leather sofa "Louis II Loveseat" by SixInch

sofa leather black design modern style baroque interior design

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