Original wall decoration: art invades the interior

original wall decoration in black and white Dalmatian children's room

If you are looking for a original wall decoration for your places of life, we found some interesting pictures, some examples of compositions and arrangements of paintings to bring a artistic touch on your walls.

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The fact of arranging your walls will give relief to your interior and will allow you to easily add textures and colors that will liven up your walls.

Wall decoration original jewelery

wall decoration original storage jewelry wood idea wall rose

You can suspend different elements that, when combined, will create beautiful effects and possibly perform utility functions. Like these drawers vintage from the recovery and find an ideal place, while serving to store your jewelry or keys, to always know where to find them.

Simple and elegant DIY for cooking

original wall decoration kitchen wood idea

This wooden washer provides a simple but original element. The cutlery symbol is made by connecting small nails planted with black sewing thread. By combining it with scriptures on the wall, the effect is rich in contrasts and adds a touch of rustic nature. It's a simple but effective design that blends with a wide range of styles.

Stylized ice cream in four colors

original wall decoration poster

Inspired by the movie in which the Italian actor Roberto Begnigni, directed by Jim Jarmusch, intervenes, this poster with ice cone motifs effectively brings a few colors, while remaining quite sober, and in a minimalist style. The addition of some artistic pieces can break the monotony of flat paint on the walls, while bringing a little fantasy and a reference to eternal childhood.

Compositions of colored frames adorning a white wall

original wall decoration picture frames paintings plant

The trend for a original wall decoration is minimalist, especially if you do not master the color schemes or feel a bit shy when it comes to bringing artistic elements into your home decor. The fact that the frames are black brings a certain serenity to the fireworks of the different shades seen on the paintings.

Patchwork of different wood species

wall decoration wood idea

The wood is an element that brings a lot of freshness in terms of interior decoration and unequaled serenity, a little like the Zen art that favors raw and natural materials. And above all - a great simplicity that finds all its harmony thanks to the direct lines and the arrangement of simple shapes such as these cubes. In addition, the veins of different species create a repetition of soothing patterns for the view.

Mirror board

original wall decoration idea mirror

The idea of ​​using mirrors in a room increases the clarity of the room while giving an impression of depth to the room. It also allows to introduce an original artistic composition. In addition, the reduced dimensions of this work are ideal in housing that does not have much space. The fact that it is hanging on the wall allows, at the same time, optimizing space at best, while decorating the room in an aesthetic way.

Say it with stickers

wall decoration bedroom idea bed

Work inspired by a color chart

wall decoration poster colorful

Table in two colors

wall decoration abstract frame white yellow design

Successful mix of styles

decoration wall idea original living room furniture black blackboard

The sobriety of a classic and colorful style

decorative wall kitchen frame table suspended luminaire

Table above the bed

original wall decoration bedroom

Successful use of black and white


Colorful keys on black wall

wall decoration original yellow sofa frames

Use photos to create shapes

baby room wall decoration idea photos

Coffee corner location

kitchen deco idea wall frame

Mirror composition with plant motifs

decoration wall idea mirror carpet

Mirrors for more light and colors

mirror wall decoration idea

Stickers to invite nature in the room

wall deco black and white wallpaper

DIY clock made of wooden spoons

wall clock colorful clock

modern deco bedroom black and white photography

decoration wall idea photos

deco idea kitchen frames

decoration wall idea style shabby chic design armchair

floral decoration wall idea

modern decoration dining room

Triptych of living room decor

wall decoration idea living room kitchen

wall hanging living room sofa red industrial style world map

living room deco wall canvas decoration plant

living room deco fan original mirror

deco wall composition

deco photo wall furniture wood green

red wall decoration idea shelves

bedside lamp deco bedroom bed

wall decor wallpaper floral pattern

dining room wall decoration idea

wall decor ideas living room kitchen

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