Original wallpaper in 55 beautiful ideas

original minimalist white bedroom wallpaper

Wallpaper is a material used to decorate or cover the interior walls of a room. The wallpaper originates from China. He arrives in the West thanks to the Arab invasion.

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At the base the Chinese paper was painted by hand, the paradox is that in reality today we kept the same expression, but the paper was never painted, but printed. We have selected for you 55 examples of original wallpaper and modern.

Original black and white wallpaper in a minimalist style interior

original wallpaper black white fixture hanging furniture stripes

One of the first to describe the beauty of interiors Chinese is Marco Polo in his "Book of Wonders" . At 16 e century, the wallpaper served to decorate the inside of the chests and for some furniture . It is the bourgeois who will impose it over the centuries that followed as a decorative element. In the middle of the 18th e century, the wallpaper binds his destiny with that of the printing press. It becomes very modern and loved by the middle classes and the nobility. In 1790, in France there were already some forty factories of wallpaper prints. At that time, France was one of the major producers of wallpaper in Europe until the end of 19 e century. The 19 e century is marked by a boom in the wallpaper industry. Board printing, roll making technique, new machines, and steam control are all part of the printing industry's progress.

Original wallpaper with interesting patterns

original black and orange wallpaper bedroom idea wallcovering wallpaper design wallpaper

At 20 e century, the wallpaper sees its apogee. It adapts perfectly to accelerated development and urbanization in Europe. Until the 1980s, wallpaper was the most common wall decoration. For twenty years, this industry will suffer a crisis. The market restructured.

A decade ago, wallpaper is back on the market. Several designers reinvent it and rethink it to make it a modern and luxurious decoration element. Corbusier describes wallpaper as a work of art. He says it's "oil painting sold in rolls". Max Ernst and René Magritte used the wallpaper in their work. Some artists use it to make collages. Cezanne, Degas, Matisse and Picasso all used wallpaper at one time or another to create art.

Original wallpaper used to decorate a painting

wallpaper idea deco art design modern style lifestyle luxuese and chic

Nowadays, the paper Painted comes in several colors, patterns and materials. The expression "wallpaper" does not have the same meaning and meaning. Often it is not about paper or painting. Formerly, it was made of paper, today a range of materials are part of its composition. Throughout 70s , the wallpaper is a real boom. Floral wallpaper, psychedelic, hippie invades the walls. Ideal to hide the damaged walls, the wallpaper remains practical and artistic at the same time. Imitating wood, ceramic, brick, panoramic, floral, geometrical or monochrome, the wallpaper allows you to choose the style of decoration that best suits the ambience of your home and your tastes. Do we want to decorate the walls of a room or do we want to add a decorative touch and original on some pieces of furniture. The wallpaper is easy to apply. The choice is wide and the prices are advantageous. It does not require a lot of investment and it guarantees a modern look of every interior.

Original wallpaper in a kitchen in retro style

painting on kitchen idea vintage style wallpaper retro style yellow blue white

Room decorated in a very original way

original exotic wallpaper jungle original bedroom idea hanging lamp design very original wooden table and design

Original minimalist style paper

modern wallpaper wooden chair deco minimalist black and white floor mat

Wallpaper imitating brick

original wallpaper bedroom imitation brick

Original wallpaper

wallpaper original Scandinavian style tree sofa gray cushions white and black interior in minimalist style

Striped wallpaper in black and white

original wallpaper bedroom black white office

Decorated white and gray wallpaper

original wallpaper deco idea wall bedroom

Black and white striped wallpaper

original wallpaper modern minimalist style vintage wallpaper bedroom deco idea

Original wallpaper with purple and white stripes

original wallpaper living room vintage wallpaper leroy merlin trompe l'oeil sofa corner living room purple white floor rug living room coffee table

Idea of ​​wall covering with wallpaper in different colors

wallpapers colors yellow rose blue hanging lamp made of paper castorama

Decoration idea with wallpaper

original wallpapers idea of ​​modern deco living room shelves cupboard

A romantic interior

wallpaper living room floral motifs sofa coffee table armchair floor mats idea wallcovering

Vintage wallpaper

vintage wallpaper floral motifs idea 70s red flowers beige yellow chintz

trompe l'oeil wallpaper original decor idea design wallpaper

wallpaper bedroom idea deco wallcovering cheap floral patterns wooden desk

design wallpaper black white decor idea living room walls geometric shapes

wallpaper chmbre castorama original idea floral motifs

wallpaper bedroom headboard wall map practical bedroom deco idea

original artistic wallpaper bedroom tableay coffee table design wood

wallpaper child animals green room boy idea deco bed ottoman floor mats elephant

wallpaper bathroom idea original wall covering small bathroom

original vintage wallpaper chevron idea original modern wallcovering

deco wallpaper paravan idea original blue metal chair

idea wallcovering wallpaper jane bridges pretty

wallpaper child room teen spider man blue red bed white wood closet

wallpaper bedroom vintage 70s modern idea deco walls bedroom

wallpaper painting living room sofa green cushions patterns sofa velvet green

vintage wallpaper castorama leroy merlin hanging lamp diy wooden desk design chair

original jungle wallpaper bedroom idea hanging lamp design very original wooden table and design

black non woven wallpaper bedroom design luxury fashion white

wallpaper geometric patterns blue white idea deco cupboard paste easy

wallpaper decoration idea original pink walls minimalistic floral patterns

deco wood wallpaper modern staircase smart design

vintage blue flowers orange vintage chair vintage marble table wallpaper

romantic blue wallpaper bird flowers tree

minimalist wallpaper tree bathroom walls idea cladding deco interior white

original minimalist wallpaper vintage minimalist style modern scandinavian appart

non-woven wallpaper new york castorama leroy merlin cheap trompe l'oeil

retro style wallpaper vintage living room sofa cushions floor mats

modern trompe l'oeil wallpaper modern contemporary interior staircase

headboard idea modern interior bedroom wallpaper

cheap kitchen wallpaper plates original idea

vintage wallpaper cars wooden desk vintage furniture

vintage wallpaper idea original armchair pink red cushions

bedroom wallpaper table art creativity

wallpaper kitch blue golden bird idea decoration bedroom castorama

cheap wallpaper castorama leroy merlin vintage new york

wallpaper patterns boats blue green original idea

wallpaper blue white black lamp closet wooden object deco design

wallpaper bedroom idea white chair white stool

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