Original wedding decoration: the latest trends 2015

decoration original wedding ideas

If you are looking for ideas of wedding decoration original So this article will certainly come to your aid. We made a small summary of the modern wedding decor trends for the 2015 that we present to you today.

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We know that every wedding is unique and special because it's about celebrating love. But that does not mean that the wedding decor can not be a disaster. So here are some interesting ideas, easy and cheap, to help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

Original wedding decoration with interesting ideas

original wedding decoration interesting idea

The decor of wedding bottles is becoming more and more popular and you can not stop talking about it because bottles are simple, chic and absolutely inexpensive resources that will help you turn your wedding into a great party. The glasses, for example, in all colors and shapes, are perfect for entertaining your guests with cool drinks in the summer. Also think of decorating a few tables with bottles of wine with the names of the newlyweds on top and placing them in strategic corners in the reception room. And for the green touch, you can reuse old retro-style bottles with decorative stickers. A wooden crate, filled with fresh lemonade bottles, decorated with your first names really seems like a very, very good idea, right?

Wedding table deco idea with bottles

original wedding decoration bottles

Personalized badges are another idea that became trendy in 2015. Badges have always been in fashion, but now they can be used for d wedding decoration original. Deco ideas with badges are really many, but what makes them so interesting? The answer is very simple: their popularity. Make badges with your names, the date of your wedding and a photo and decorate, for example, the invitations with. You can also use them to give clues to your guests on the theme of your wedding by choosing them in the appropriate style. Badges are very easy to personalize and there are many websites that can help you do that.

Deco ideas - wedding table

decoration original wedding ideas tables

Sometimes an image can replace the lyrics, but not when it comes to saying "yes". There is really no doubt about it: creating the custom logo for your wedding is a must in 2015. It's a unique avatar that will allow you to personalize every detail and create a coherent and modern decor - your invitations, tables tablecloths, towels or gifts from guests.

Wedding deco with personalized badges

decoration original wedding badges

Choosing a wedding theme is not something new, but in 2015 it's the themes that change. Fan of TV series or movies? Is it a wedding or a fairy tale? Yes, Jedi weddings are in fashion! Let your personal tastes and desires guide you when you choose the theme of your party and do not forget to use it also for the choice of guests' gifts.

Wedding table decoration with flowers

original wedding decoration flowers

Wedding centerpiece decoration

original wedding decoration center table

Rustic chair decoration for wedding

original wedding decoration chairs

Creative decoration for wedding

creative wedding deco idea

Decorative chair idea for wedding

deco wedding chair idea

deco wedding outdoor rustic style

deco wedding original outside

vintage style wedding deco

deco wedding table flowers

deco wedding table ideas flowers

deco wedding original table

original wedding decoration design

original wedding decoration outside

original wedding decoration idea

decoration original wedding idea badges

original wedding decoration idee deco

interesting original wedding decoration

original wedding invitation decoration

original wedding decoration rustic style

original wedding decoration vintage style


original wedding decoration table flowers

decoration original wedding table light fixtures

original wedding decoration modern table

original wedding decoration tables

original wedding decoration vases

decoration original wedding glass candles

vintage original wedding decoration

deco elegant wedding table

deco table wedding flowers

deco table wedding idea

deco wedding table ideas flowers

deco wedding table black white

idea deco wedding table invites

deco wedding table idea

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