Ornamental grasses between rustic and ornament

Ornamental grasses view beautiful plants

The ornamental grasses present their temperament and natural beauty in subtle and elegant forms, even when grown in pots on the terrace or in the house.

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Grasses are plants rustic and easy, highly decorative by their silhouettes, their foliage, their ears that persist and remain attractive almost all the year, until winter for some of them. Ornamental grasses are excellent soloists, thanks to their neutral green color, they are the ideal partners of flowers.

Ornamental grasses Carex plant

Carex Ornamental Grasses

Even though the leaves of many plants like the Hordeum jubatum commonly called manley barley or bearded barley, died in winter; in summer, it brings remarkable contrasts between the terraces planted with geraniums and petunias. Ornamental grasses in a balcony can enjoy many years of life. It can also be sedge plants, stubby stipes or oriental Pennisetum with its classes of purplish pink.

Ornamental grassy plant Eastern Pennisetum

plant Oriental ornamental grasses Eastern Pennisetum

Most species have moderate frost resistance, but the roots in pots are much more sensitive to cold. So plants in pot must be covered with burlap or sheltered in winter. An appropriate selection of ornamental grasses with low growth, will bring home a piece of living nature.

Ornamental grass plant Stipa

Ornamental grass plant Stipa

However, they should not be in a room with too much dry air and high temperature. It is necessary to keep the soil moisture in the pots permanently and periodically spray the plants with water. Most species like the sun but do not tolerate direct light. The grasses Ornamental jars are modest and are satisfied with small doses of watering. The plants in spring give new shoots that need to be pruned in February.

Zoom of ornamental grasses

zoom graminaceous plants

View of a small lake and ornamental grasses

view of small gramineous lake

View of a green and chic garden

chic green garden view

View of ornamental grasses vetres in a garden

grasses view garden

A garden with bronze ornamental grasses

garden decoration view grasses bronze

The plants remain attractive almost all the year

remain attractive almost every year

Grasses are easy and hardy plants

easy rustic plants

plants grown pots terrace house

ornamental grasses natural beauty elegant forms

grasses give note wild garden

garden decoration graminees

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