Outdoor canopy and conservatory: spring and summer decor

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With the approach of spring month and summer, we thought of those of you who have a lanai, an outdoor canopy or home extension. We have created a beautiful collection that contains more than 60 images and offers our readers different ideas for decorating these spaces open to nature for these two seasons.

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Let's start right now to look at these images to see what colors, furniture and accessories to use to give such a space an air that is in harmony with nature!

Outdoor canopy and porch decoration for spring and summer: the colors to focus on

canopy outdoor deco feminine extension house garden

To revive its veranda, its exterior glass or its house extension, we will focus on the colors of the season. For spring, it would be green with touches of bright colors. They will echo the landscape of the outside where the beautiful hues of flowers have already begun to make their appearance. For the summer, we will leave rather for variants with nuances of the range of blue. They will return the imagination of your family members to the peaceful view of the sea and the ocean . White is a suitable color for both seasons, spring and summer, provided it is accompanied by furniture and thematic accessories.

Outdoor canopy and porch decoration for the warm seasons: nice and thematic furniture ideas

pictures outdoor canopy decoration spring

Side furniture, there are several options chic and friendly. Braided garden furniture is a popular and timeless choice for spring and summer décor as it is associated with the time spent outside our homes. Wooden furniture is another popular and elegant variant. These two types of furniture are perfect for decorating a space that looks outward because they look natural. They are not pretentious and they marry wonderfully with all kinds of landscapes (gardens, sea, lakes, etc). In addition to these options, there is also the classic furniture that is used in the rest of the house. If you want to bet on this type of furniture, we will think of ways to include them in the theme and in the decor that we chose, using, for example, a fabric of furniture or various accessories.

Outdoor canopy decoration and home extension for spring and summer: which accessories?

outdoor canopy ideas sea deco

But, precisely, what accessories? Again, it will all depend on your theme and the season. For spring, we will opt for brightly colored cushions, floral decorations and accessories with plant prints. For example, the tissues and objects of english style are perfect for this season. Bouquets of flowers and potted plants are mandatory accessories for this time of the year. For the summer, we will try to invite the atmosphere of style deco seaside with driftwood objects, pebbles and prints that evoke marine life and summer holidays.

Decorative idea of ​​outdoor canopy and porch: enjoy the natural landscapes

atmosphere and style outdoor canopy deco

Whatever themes you choose to decorate your conservatory or glass roof, do not forget to enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. The main asset of the glass room is the ability to feel close to nature even when inside. So, clear your windows of useless objects and choose the orientation of your furniture to be able to observe the landscapes of nature at will!

Photo of house extension and outdoor canopy with spring decoration

ideas deco veranda verriere exterieure makeover spring

As you understand, you do not need a lot of effort and money to make the spring and summer decorations of a conservatory, an outdoor canopy or a home extension. And if this article has convinced you to embark on a makeover of this piece of your home, you can start thinking about this decorating project now. This collection of photos will be a very good starting point:

House extension interior and exterior canopy: idea for spring and summer by Emily Henderson Interior Design

outdoor canopy veranda comfort idea deco relax

Outdoor canopy and winter garden decoration with plants

decoration verriere veranda interior winter garden

Contemporary veranda with spring decoration

glassware home design extension idee deco feminine

Relaxing canopy deco and modern home extension

verrieres outside verandas spring decoration zen

Seaside style deco for veranda and canopy

outdoor canopy landscaping verandas deco style beach sea

Deco glass home extension idea for spring and summer

outdoor canopy deco winter garden contemporary house

Modern wood house extension deco for the spring and summer season

outdoor canopy extension wood decoration spring

Photo of porch and house extension with wooden furniture

outdoor canopy wood extension house deco spring

Classy Veranda Interior Decoration for Spring and Summer

outdoor canopy decoration veranda style seaside

Braided garden furniture for veranda and outdoor canopy

verandas outdoor canopy deco zen

Outdoor canopy and extension of contemporary house with zen decor

outdoor canopy interior layout veranda comfort

Conservatory and contemporary design canopy landscaping for spring and summer

outdoor canopy ideas zen decoration summer

Decorate your canopy to enjoy the outdoor landscapes

outdoor canopy ambiance and deco style spring

Idea of ​​spring and summer for veranda and home extension

verriere furniture rattan garden furniture

Outdoor canopy with decoration for hot months

verandas glassware ideas home contemporary deco

Contemporary canopy and summer decor

veranda photo interior verriere idee amenagement

Canopy landscaping and home extension for hot months


Photo porch with thematic decor

decoration verandas verriere english style

Outdoor canopy and porch with seaside style decor

deco style seaside veranda verrieres

to make a veranda contemporary house decoration zen

contemporary glass house ideas on the beach

veranda interior design deco spring

contemporary design house veranda decoration

veranda idee interior deco summer

images contemporary veranda house decoration summer

landscaping veranda contemporary interior

ideas landscaping veranda veranda summer decoration

veranda verriere atmosphere zen deco summer

decoration veranda glass living room resin

glassware verandas ideas decoration shabby chic

decoration extension home ideas verandas

small veranda veranda idee interior decoration

amenagement small veranda spring deco modern summer

photo winter garden extension house interior decor

outdoor canopy overlooking garden deco style zen

ideas deco verriere veranda outside

photos extension house interior verriere exterieur decoration

development extension house decoration english style

images extension house contemporary decoration veranda

home deco extension wood veranda comfort

home extension design ideas summer deco

deco japanese style ideas amenagement verriere veranda

decoration verriere furniture living room rattan

ideas deco veranda style seaside

ideas veranda house contemporary design

decoration summer veranda verriere ideas spring

summer decoration house veranda ideas

photo house veranda outside verriere idees

to make an extension house verriere modern design

development extension house old deco vintage

ideas of deco style seaside house verriere

decoration seaside house with veranda verriere

modern outdoor canopy decoration spring

verandas comfort verriere amenagement

landscaping veranda extension home deco contemporary

cozy winter garden deco ideas

makeover his house decoration summer verandas design

furniture veranda extension deco house

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