Outdoor dining area and garden furniture: 100 decorating ideas

dining area outdoor modern terrace

To help you enjoy your garden or terrace, we have prepared a series of decor ideas for outdoor dining areas and garden Lounge that make you dream! We would like to inspire you to create a beautiful area of ​​rest, preparation and tasting of dishes in the open air.

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So we decided to accompany this file, which includes 100 beautiful photos, a small guide to tips for decorating this space.

Outdoor dining area and garden furniture: how to create a deco of this space?

dining area terrace amenagement jardin

To be pleasant and relaxing, a zone of type of dining area or outdoor garden furniture must be functional. His project must be carefully designed. It is up to you to think not only of the furniture and the small decorative details but also of some specific challenges of the outdoor spaces.

Outdoor dining area and garden furniture: make your plan and organize the space

dining corner furniture modern design

Whether you're redeveloping your garden or terrace or decorating it for the first time, it's always a good idea to start with the outdoor seating plan. Determine the size of the space and make a map of the area you intend to use. Is it all of your outside or part of it only? Will this space be close to the exit of the house? Will it be delimited in one way or another from the rest of your garden? These are the types of questions that will help you make the plan for this area.

Choose the best area for a garden furniture or outdoor dining area

dining area deco contemporary garden living room design

Also think about how you intend to enjoy this space. This could help you choose the best part of your garden or terrace for your dining area or garden Lounge . If, for example, you would like to take your breakfasts, you could choose a part of your outside that gives the East to enjoy the sun's rays. Do not underestimate the orientation and exposure of your outdoors: remember that your family members may be embarrassed by the heat that accumulates during the afternoons in the southern and southern zones. West.

Think about the access and comfort of the outdoor dining area or garden furniture

dining area garden furniture deco modern style

Another tip for this part of your project: consider the number of people who will use the corner that you develop. If you like to invite a lot of people, plan enough space for everyone. This is not difficult to do, even if you have a small garden: just think carefully about your priorities. For example, if you will gather your friends regularly around your outdoor table, plan a bench that could accommodate all these people and that will save you more space. Similarly, if you love to cook, consider how you will move between the kitchen (inside or outside the house) and your outdoor table.

Enjoy landscapes to beautify your outdoor space

outside dining room deco

To give your outdoor dining area a more aesthetic and enjoyable look, consider the possibility of creating a space with a beautiful view. For that, nothing is easier than to locate the part of your terrace which gives on a beautiful landscape. If you miss such a zone, imagine a way to create it yourself with a lighting design of the facade of your house or pool, for example. Sometimes the natural beauty of a simple plant, like magnolia, would be enough to produce an impressive effect.

Create an outdoor dining area or garden furniture with a zen atmosphere

landscaping garden dining ideas

Many people who live in an apartment dream of the possibility of enjoying a garden or terrace. We often want the inhabitants of a house with such a space, thinking that they have the opportunity to be in contact with nature without being disturbed by the eyes of their neighbors. But it's not always the case. In fact, one can very well have a small garden or a terrace which is close to those of our neighbors. If you are in this situation, think of some original ways to protect your privacy. The dining areas and outdoor lounges do not have walls that prevent noise and eye contact with other people. It is therefore important to imagine a way to give this area a zen and cozy atmosphere. You could do this by installing a palisade, a screen or a natural garden fence.

Realize an outdoor space protected from the elements of nature

pergola wood decoration garden furniture

When we think about installing an outdoor dining area or a garden Lounge we imagine that we will spend more time in the open air and enjoy the scents of flowers around the table. And we often forget that living outdoors can also have disadvantages. Among these, there is heat and rain. Even if your terrace or garden is in the heart of the city, do not underestimate the strength of these elements of nature. Consider ways to provide a garden shed, especially during the summer and spring months. You can use a pergola , an arbor or a gazebo, for example. There are many ways to incorporate such a construction into your exterior.

Decorate your garden and outdoor dining area without breaking the bank

patio patio decoration meal set

Do you want your outdoor dining area or garden furniture to really have a design look? In this case, you would need some furniture and decorative accessories that bring such an atmosphere. But be careful: you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy lots of expensive items. Instead, try to imagine how to register your project in all of your exterior. Look for furniture pieces and decorative accents that blend well with their surroundings. Also choose a type of lighting that can highlight interesting accents. All these little tips will give you the opportunity to realize your dream project without breaking the bank!

Outdoor dining area on terrace of modern design by Sarah Richardson

outdoor design dining area garden living rooms

This is how you can realize your project of a dining area or a beautiful garden furniture, practical and protected from natural elements and curious looks. And now, we let you spot decorating ideas for your dream space in our photo collection:

Outdoor garden furniture deco and modern dining area

outdoor dining area modern terraces

Landscaping of garden furniture with dining area

ideas deco garden furniture and terrace

Terrace with outdoor dining area

image terrace garden lounges

Modern deco of terrace and dining table

white terrace kitchen model

Cool Meal Corner Idea

living room terrace outdoor decoration

Decorative outdoor dining table idea

idea amenagement dining area outdoor deco

Outdoor dining area and garden furniture with pergola and fireplace

terraces outdoor living rooms

Modern terrace deco with outdoor dining area

modern terraces dining areas

Outdoor Dining Room Idea with Pergola

terrace idea furniture garden furniture

Organization of outdoor space: garden plan and terrace

outdoor garden terrace modern living room

Outdoor dining area with zen atmosphere

dining room deco atmosphere zen

Deco terrace and patio with garden furniture out of sight

outdoor terrace dining area

How to succeed the decoration of your garden living room by harmonizing with the outside

terrace wood living room decoration

Modern and cozy furniture for outdoor dining area

garden furniture braid modern terrace

Deco terrace and garden dining room with beautiful view

idea table garden furniture deco terraces

Create an outdoor dining area with designer touches

garden furniture outdoor decoration

Outdoor decorative accessories for garden furniture

outdoor terrace table

Idea of ​​modern outdoor furniture

outdoor dining set of meals

Terrace with modern furniture for living room or garden dining room

deco modern style outdoor furniture

Small garden furniture: decoration idea

furniture living room terrace garden ideas iron

The braided garden furniture for a contemporary outdoor dining area

outdoor exhibitions ideas deco

Idea garden fence for terrace with dining area and outdoor lounge

garden furniture swimming pool landscaping

Outdoor decoration and cozy furniture

living room ideas outdoor deco

Outdoor dining concept and contemporary style garden furniture

photo terrace garden living room design

Optimize the space of your terrace: idea of ​​furniture and decoration

outdoor garden lounges decoration

How to decorate your garden and create a cozy atmosphere outside

living room terrace ideas garden decoration

Outdoor dining area and small garden in town

dining rooms modern terrace photos

Contemporary design house with chic garden furniture

modern outdoor dining room

Decorative idea of ​​small outdoor dining area

photo garden outdoor living room

Indoor garden with modern dining area

modern style outdoor dining area

Mini outdoor area on stone terrace

exterior design small furniture

How to protect your outdoor space and make it more intimate

landscaping small lounges gardens swimming pool

Decorate your garden with modern furniture

small garden landscaping

Small outdoor dining area with a screened view of plants

mini terrace ideas garden furniture

small dining corners verandas decoration

amenagement dining area open kitchens

terrace deco modern garden furniture

contemporary garden furniture

light garland garden decoration meal corner

outdoor furniture ideas small dining area

outdoor furniture decoration modern design

outdoor contemporary design furniture

ideas mini dining area outdoor decoration

ideas furniture terrace table benches

modern furniture garden and terraces

outdoor deco wood furniture

modern furniture outdoor dining area

outdoor patio furniture

wood furniture exterior design

terrace outside living room

ideas living room outside garden

image modern outdoor meal set

outside deco dining area

outdoor dining area furniture wood pergola

outdoor deco design dining area

fireplace outdoor terrace dining areas

outdoor deco garden furniture

lumianire dining sets garden furniture

patios set of meals deco

garden terrace meal set

deco terrace veranda outdoor furniture

lighting deco garden furniture

modern design outdoor furniture

outdoor party table decoration

garden furniture deco coffee table

decoration dining room garden

garden terrace deco dining room

outdoor decoration dining area

outdoor dining area garden fireplace

deco cozy dining rooms outdoor design

decoration outdoor dining areas

outdoor kitchens pergola outdoor lounge

kitchen bar exterieur

idea kitchen outside terrace living room garden

outdoor kitchen house modern design

garden kitchens amenagement dining room

how to decorate your garden

outdoor fireplace dining areas garden

photo dining corners idea landscaping

dining area decoration terrace

dining area modern outdoor patio

outdoor dining terrace

modern outdoor dining areas


outdoor dining terrace

ideas outdoor dining area amenagement

modern furniture outdoor dining area

terrace dinette deco

dining area garden contemporary deco

ideas dining area kitchen on terrace

outdoor dining area deco bar

deco terrace design dining areas

outdoor dining area pergola

furniture bench dining area terrace

furnishing terrace modern dining room

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