Outdoor flooring for terrace in 43 beautiful ideas

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Which outdoor flooring to choose for arrange its terrace ? This is the question we will be addressing in detail in this big issue. Explore our collection of 43 gorgeous images of modern exteriors and read our tips on different floor surfaces and ways to pair them together!

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Outdoor floor covering for wooden deck: modern and pretty

outdoor floors deck decking wood flooring

Wood is one of the most trendy flooring at the moment. Appreciated for their natural and warm air, the types of wood available on the market today for outdoor flooring include ash, acacia, oak, pine and many more species, more exotic, like the Brazilian ipe and teak.

Outdoor terrace flooring and wooden decking

outdoor floor landscaping wooden terrace

Covered with a wooden floor, the terrace acqueirt a so-called decking ground (term from the English word deck , "Boat bridge") which is very pleasing to the eye. Equipped with a non-slip surface, this kind of deck covering is now also suitable for exteriors that are exposed to cold weather for part of the year. In winter, we can cross it without fear of falls!

Outdoor wooden floor covering: what is its resistance capacity?

outdoor floor pool house terrace

The wood for terrace floors is subject to specific treatments that guarantee its durability and its resistance to moisture, heat and cold. It is also important to know that some types of wood are naturally stronger than others.

Outdoor terrace decking made of wood: a wide variety of materials available

patio patio terrace outdoor wood floor

This applies to both open-air conditions and insects that are repelled by organic substances found in certain types of wood such as Brazil's ipe, for example. These kinds of wood are more expensive but they will last longer thanks to their natural protection. Good to know: these protective substances remain inside the wood even when it is cut down and cut.

Outdoor flooring for decking in composite wood, what is it?

photo outdoor floor stone wooden terrace

Composite wood is an alternative to the 100% natural wood coating option. In contrast to the latter, the composite wood contains about 50% recovered wood (waste from the real estate industry, etc.), the other half of its composition being made of a synthetic material, polyethylene.

Outdoor flooring in composite wood: what are its benefits?

outdoor floor coating modern house terrace

Photo of wooden flooring associated with a facade of the same material

terraces wood decking flooring exterior flooring

Creation of human genius, this kind of wood has been specially adapted for outdoor use. Thus, it is resistant to water and different risks of cracks due to weather conditions. It is thanks to these qualities that it can keep its original aspect longer.

Tile cladding and outdoor patio flooring: its aesthetic advantage

flooring garden terrace pool ideas garden

Modern technologies also offer the possibility of making an outdoor wooden floor covering in the form of parquet. The large tiles that result bring to the terrace a symmetrical air and perfectly organized.

Outdoor floor for small tile deck coverings

outdoor flooring garden terrace swimming pool

Tiling is another widely used option for decking. Here again, the manufacturers have adapted to the demand for more modern and safer products and have been offering for some years now tiles for outdoor use that have a non-slip surface.

Modern tile is a practical choice of material that can be installed by yourself

tiled floor terrace outdoor coating

This coating would be suitable for DIYers who would like to do all the work themselves. It is also the ideal solution for covering spaces that do not have a very aesthetic appearance and, for this reason, it will be a popular ally in the makeover of any space outside the house.

Outdoor terrace floor with tiled floor

flooring garden terraces outdoor

Another advantage of the new tile collections is their easier installation: manufacturers have taken inspiration from the technologies applied in the production of other types of flooring, such as parquet flooring, to invent clip-on systems. As a result, laying terrace tiles becomes much simpler and faster.

Idea of ​​outdoor flooring to make your deck look easy

outdoor flooring garden terrace modern garden

This is an advantage that is very appreciated by DIYers who would like to embark on the makeover of their terrace themselves as well as by any other person who would like the groundwork of his terrace to finish faster!

Tiles for outdoor patio floors: a very rich choice of original products

tiling landscaping outdoor terrace

Outdoor floor in modern design terrace tiles

exterior floor tiles small gardens

The exterior cladding tiles offered by leading brands are now available with imitation wood effect and several other surfaces and materials. This is an option that would interest those who are not ready to bet on a wooden deck but who like the appearance of this surface.

Concrete terrace exterior floor covering, a trend of the moment

ground terrace outdoor stone modern coating

Outdoor concrete deck flooring is another trend of the moment. This material is becoming more popular for the decoration of different parts of the interior of modern houses and it is as a result of this great popularity that it conquers today our terraces.

Outdoor floor and concrete terrace in modern style

terrace gravel facing stone exterior

The concrete cover gives the outdoors a very trendy look and is an ideal material for people who want to clearly delineate the area of ​​their terrace from another space in their garden. Although it is suitable for small DIY activities, concrete is not easy to handle when it comes to a large siding because it dries very quickly. We advise you to use the services of a professional who could do the installation work quickly.

Idea of ​​small terrace and contemporary style exterior flooring

outdoor tile floor terrace

Choosing concrete for the flooring of its terrace does not mean that we will end up having a banal and monochrome exterior. Concrete offers many possibilities of modern style decoration. It can be used for the creation of large spaced tiles decorated with pebbles or vegetation, for example.

Contemporary terrace cladding with natural stone: a timeless solution

luxury house terrace floor covering

Small terrace decoration with small stone exterior floor

stone outdoor flooring landscaping terrace garden

Natural stone is a classic solution that has never stopped being fashionable. It is used for the realization of the traditional paving which is proposed in small or large format.

Stone is one of the preferred choices for terraces with pools

garden outdoor floor terrace swimming pool deco

Outdoor terrace floor with modern pool

Idea ground terrace modern exterior coating

Stone slabs come in different colors, which means that they can be easily matched with garden decorations and facades of various colors. In addition, the stone blends perfectly with wood and metal, which rank among the materials most often used for the manufacture of modern outdoor furniture. As a result, the choice of furniture for outdoor garden furniture will be even easier!

Outdoor luxury terrace floor with light colored stone slabs

photo ground terrace stone pool coating

Light-colored stone patio cover contributes to night lighting outdoors

outdoor terrace sol flooring swimming pool

Stone slabs of different sizes are, together with wood, the most suitable materials for covering a terrace next to a swimming pool. Like wood, stone surfaces are also treated in different ways by manufacturers seeking to reduce the risk of slips due to contact with water.

Traditional inspired luxury patio cover

terrace garden outdoor floor cladding paves

Terrace with paved exterior floor: what are its advantages?

terrace garden outdoor pavement flooring

Bricks and pavers are another alternative to conventional outdoor flooring. Thanks to their warm shades, they bring a warm look to the outdoor area and they adapt very well to exteriors of different styles.

Photo of luxury villa terrace with pavers and lawn cladding

cladding paves terrace outdoor floor

One of the greatest advantages of this type of coating is that, properly laid, it can last several tens, even hundreds of years, without the need for any specific maintenance. An ideal solution for those who appreciate sustainability!

Small inner courtyard with paved exterior floor

stone flooring exterior terrace

Mediterranean-inspired courtyard with exterior flooring in light tones

outdoor floor cladding pavers patio interior courtyard

Economical, this terrace flooring also creates a very authentic atmosphere in the garden. Its main disadvantage is that it is probably the most slippery surface covering among the types of surfaces examined.

Outdoor flooring inspired by Zen tradition: pebbles and gravel

pebbles cladding outdoor terrace

Terrace covered with pebbles and concrete slabs: a modern and very chic choice

idea terrace outdoor ground modern garden

Gravel is another modern and practical choice for decking and small gardens. Although used in Europe for centuries, this material is today associated mainly with dry gardens, Japanese decoration and Zen atmosphere. That's why the exteriors that are covered are regarded as particularly relaxing spaces. This is an idea of ​​material for those who are looking to create a terrace that invites to meditation and relaxation.

Zen and trendy cladding for modern exteriors

ground floor terrace pebbles

The gravel combines well with different surfaces and this combination gives the small exteriors a very modern look that can be softened by the introduction of some wooden decorations or by one or two green plants.

Outdoor glass deck covering, an original and impressive option

floor covering glass terrace outdoor design

Glass is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when planning an outdoor deck and choosing flooring. However, this material is not a product that must be removed immediately from its shopping list. Indeed, thanks to modern technologies, the glass surfaces are today strong enough to serve as a coating of a part of outdoor terrace.

How to associate outdoor flooring for an interesting terrace?

terrace wood floor exterieur paves

Harmonize wood and paving surfaces with natural grass on the terrace

idea terrace outdoor ground outdoor courtyard

Combining several flooring materials is another trend of the moment. Tiles and glass, paving stones and wood, gravel and concrete ... All these interesting possibilities to explore to give the floor of the terrace a personalized air. Not to mention all the possibilities of harmonization with green plants or with a well trimmed lawn!

Use patio coverings to delineate areas

terrace patio idee flooring exterior floor

How to use the surfaces of coatings in an original way

outdoor floor deck terrace design patio

Playing with different coverings is also a way of giving more volume to the outdoor area or drawing visual boundaries between different areas in a garden. To obtain such an effect, we will use surfaces of the same material in lighter and darker colors or we will focus on the variety of materials.

How to harmonize the flooring surfaces with the natural elements in the garden?

idea flooring outdoor pools

Terrace with modern tile floor and mini garden with green plants

exterior floor covering ideas modern design

Instead of combining several kinds of materials, you can simply have fun harmonizing a single type of coating with some natural elements, such as water and earth, for example. Such a setting would be a modern interpretation of feng shui planning rules that require the presence, in the garden, of all the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air and metal) . To achieve a stylish exterior of this kind, it would be enough to introduce some mini gardens with vegetation and a small pool of water on its terrace.

Image of luxury house with terrace of stone slabs

stone floor patio outdoor terrace

Original Outdoor Flooring: Tiled Deck and Design Glass Area by Steve Domoney Architects *

outdoor floor coverings terrace house design

* Photo of original terrace with glass cladding and tiles by Steve Domoney Architects

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