Outdoor garden decoration ideas with sculptures

outdoor garden decoration bunny figurines

You have no ideas for the garden decoration outside ? And how about sculptures and garden figurines? The green plants and sculptures will create a beautiful outdoor landscape.

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The greenery accentuates the harmony of lines and silhouettes of sculptures that transform the garden into a true artistic masterpiece.

Outdoor garden decoration idea with a fun statue

original outdoor garden decoration

There are rules to follow for the decoration of outdoor garden with statues and sculptures. Everything must be in harmony and well arranged. You can choose an artistic sculpture that alone will enhance your garden decor. The shapes can be realistic or abstract and made of stone, steel, metal, ceramic or even wood. But these types of sculptures are very expensive.

Park decoration with a large statue

outdoor garden decoration statue

If you can not afford to decorate your garden with an artistic sculpture, you can opt for an alternative - a garden figurine that you can find in specialized places. The garden figurines will give you a smile every time you go out in your garden. Choose them according to your desires and the decoration of your outdoor space and the architecture of your house.

Old style garden statue

outdoor garden decoration artistic statue

Most of the time, sculptures and garden figurines are used to create a decorative center in the garden. They will give color and texture to the space. So using a figurine you can create an optical illusion for a larger space in a small garden. In a large garden a sculpture or figurine will help you divide and visually accentuate different spaces. Here are some interesting garden deco ideas with statues and figurines:

Decorative birds for the garden

outdoor decoration of garden figurines

Resin garden statues

outdoor garden decoration resin figurines

Small dog figurine

deco garden statue dog

Elegant outdoor space decoration

decoration outdoor space statue

Three fun statues of Buddha

outdoor decoration of garden Buddha statues

figurines garden idee deco

idea deco garden figurine

interesting garden deco idea

garden gnomes idea

statue garden deco resin

garden statue idee deco

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