Outdoor garden decoration: rustic garden and Japanese garden

outdoor garden decoration lavender

Today we present two very original styles for the outdoor garden decoration - Japanese inspired style and rustic style.

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Let's start with garden Japanese called still garden "zen". The Japanese style illustrates the perpetual change of time. What dominates in this type of garden are green plants and oval forms.

Japanese style outdoor garden decoration

outdoor garden decoration zen

It lacks the usual flower bed for western gardens. The earth is often covered with moss, pebbles or sand. The colors of the Zen Garden are all shades of green and red, as well as pink and orange. For your garden decoration outside zen you can plant palmate maple which is a typical tree for the decoration of oriental gardens. Opt for plants and trees that stay green even in winter.

Let's move on to the rustic deco garden. This decoration will help you create a beautiful and warm outdoor space that can be explained by the many plants with fragrant flowers such as roses and lavender. You have to think about setting up a resting place in your rustic garden. This can be just a bench or two wooden chairs with a coffee table, placed next to the flower beds. The colors of this type of decoration are for example the violet and the rose present in allium flowers, peonies, lupines and hydrangeas. These plants all like light and moisture. Here are some images of rustic gardens and Zen gardens that can serve as inspiration:

Japanese-inspired modern garden

decoration garden outside japanese idea

Large Japanese garden

landscaping garden zen idea

Japanese garden decoration

outdoor garden decoration Rocaille

Garden rock garden decorated in Japanese style

Zen garden deco deco

Rustic garden decoration


Rustic style garden layout idea

rustic garden decoration deco

Idea of ​​zen garden decor

japanese zen garden decoration

decoration garden outdoor deco rustic

garden decoration outdoor fountain

rustic outdoor garden decoration

garden landscaping ideas

Japanese outdoor garden decoration

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