Outdoor garden wall decoration: 51 beautiful ideas to try

decoration wall outdoor garden color painting climbing plant

For even more pleasant moments in the open air, consider making a garden wall exterior decoration. This type of decoration will allow you to give more personality to your exterior but also to develop separate corners better defined.

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Garden furniture, swimming pool, playground for children, green corner ... All these parts of your outdoor space will be highlighted and embellished with a beautiful decoration of facade or garden fence. See how you can make such a decoration yourself or find inspiration to buy interesting accessories in this article! You'll find plenty of examples of wall decor and garden fencing and DIY project ideas that anyone can replicate at home.

Outdoor garden wall decoration with hanging flowers

deco exterior wall garden picture hanging flowers

Flowers and plants are natural elements of the decoration of walls and garden fences. Some walls are even adapted to hang flowerbeds and jars of different shapes. In addition, today, there are plant containers that are specially created to be placed on vertical surfaces without additional accessories.

Outdoor garden wall decoration with small flower pots

deco exterior wall garden pot hanging plant

This is a very good idea that gives us the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful decoration without unnecessary elements. Although not as strong as other ornaments, floral arrangements bring a lot of color to exterior walls and fences, which are usually monochrome.

Outdoor garden wall decoration: idea of ​​DIY pots

DIY deco wall outdoor garden flowers pots

Of course, you can also make your own plant pots to use for an outdoor wall decor. One way to do this is to use one or more old windows. Another possibility is to use metal boxes that can be painted with anti-corrosion paint.

Outdoor wall garden deco idea with climbing plants

fence concrete garden modern deco

Outdoor garden wall decoration: hanging flower baskets

deco exterior wall garden baskets flowers palisade

The old windows are also accessories of the vintage decor for walls. They can be adorned with natural or artificial crowns and placed on an outside wall near the front door of the house, for example.

Vertical garden and deco exterior wall garden

photo deco house exterior wall

Vertical gardens are trendy and so easy to set up. They are very popular among homeowners who do not have an outdoor garden. But it is also used to make original outdoor decorations, especially if they can complete the look of your garden.

Photo of deco board with vertical garden and terrace wall deco

palisade garden deco outdoor garden furniture

Vertical gardens do not necessarily have to cover your entire exterior wall. In fact, it is also used to make paintings, to arrange in an interesting way on the wall. Succulent plants are among the most popular for the realization of this type of gardens.

Decorative wall outside garden in vegetation and terrace of swimming pool

decor fence outdoor pool terrace

Color schemes and outdoor wall decoration cool garden

idea of ​​deco outdoor garden fence

They are simple to grow and do not require much watering. Due to their excellent heat resistance qualities, succulents are an ideal solution for ornamenting exterior walls and fences that are exposed to sunlight in the afternoon (facing south and east). .

Photo Frames and Wall Decor Original Garden Fence

deco exterior wall garden photo frames

Photo frames or empty pictures are a decorative element that is becoming more and more popular in contemporary interiors. They are accessible, customizable and can be arranged in a thousand ways.

Wooden deco board and outdoor garden wall

outdoor wall deco entrance house

And since they are so easy to use, why not use them too for your outdoor garden or patio wall decor?

DIY original idea of ​​outdoor wall garden deco

outdoor wall DIY deco green space

Using pipes that are no longer needed for outdoor wall decoration is an interesting idea and quite original. Just bend them and fix them to the wall to transform an empty and banal space into a modern painting. This set will be even more pleasing to the eye if it is completed by a few climbing plants.

Outdoor garden wall decoration with bird houses and green plants

wall decoration outdoor garden house bird plant

The outdoor spaces can be adorned with many objects that are usually seen on interior walls. But it is also possible to find solutions specially adapted for outdoor use. Bird houses of wood or cardboard are one; those for insects are another.

Outdoor garden wall decoration object idea

object design wall garden outdoor terrace

Of course, these two ideas will appeal to those who love nature and are not disturbed by birds and insects in their green spaces. Otherwise, it is better to bet on another object like, for example, a candleholder in interesting colors.

Water fountains and deco exterior wall garden

deco exterior wall design garden fencing

What to do if you have a large empty wall or a garden fence that stretches for several meters? A good option is to use this blank space to create an artistic ensemble. It can be a series of paintings exhibited as in an art gallery or more complex compositions. And, why not, symmetrical water fountains that surround a work of art placed in the center of the wall.

Artistic composition with panels and fountains for deco exterior wall garden

deco exterior wall garden photo terrace wood

The wall fountains bring a Zen spirit and a lot of freshness outside. Adorned with some green plants or small statues, they will immediately change the atmosphere of your garden or terrace. And, in addition, they will help you feel more relaxed!

Table of wall decoration of terrace

original wall decoration garden terrace

Have you ever tried wire wall art? It consists in creating geometric shapes by means of sewing threads which are fixed on a flat surface thanks to a few nails. As in the case of wall decoration with plants, multicolored wires are very suitable for changing the appearance of a monochrome space.

Garden exterior wall decoration: focus on sustainable materials

small outdoor garden wall statue

Wooden garden exterior wall deco board

object design exterior wall terrace modern style

Walls and garden fences are areas exposed to climatic conditions. If you want to make your own outdoor wall decor, opt for sturdy and durable materials.

Corten steel, a practical material for outdoor deco

deco exterior wall garden modern wall panel steel

One such material is corten steel, a type of artificially created metal specifically designed for outdoor use. Its surface appears as rusted. It ages nicely even when exposed to moisture. As a result, corten steel is a material used to make statues and various outdoor objects.

Deco exterior wall garden: corten steel panels

deco exterior wall garden panels steel corten

It is also found in the form of elegant panels and screens. These are to be installed on a wall of accent in a living room of garden or in a corner of meal in open sky. In these spaces, it confers a contemporary air and a slightly industrial spirit. What's better for a modern space of spirit?

Garden decoration idea with mosaic wall

deco exterior wall pool-mosaic-blue-idea

Another material perfectly resistant to weather conditions in the open air: stone. In addition to all the creations that can be made of stone (statues, stone compositions, walls of accents), there is also wall decoration with mosaic. Very chic, mosaics are part of many typically Mediterranean traditions (Moroccan, Greek, Italian). This is an idea for those who want to develop a thematic corner in their gardens!

Vertical garden in succulent plants

idea wall deco garden vertical outdoor

Small garden wall decoration with plants

floral decoration garden outdoor fence

Vertical gardens in succulents are interesting because they give us the opportunity to make shapes and patterns in several natural shades. They are real living mosaics. The natural moss is a type of plant that offers similar wall decoration possibilities.

Modern garden fence and deco exterior wall in natural foam *

Foam Idea Deco Wall Outside Garden

It exists in different colors and is very easy to grow. In addition, the foam grows quickly, which means you would not have to wait long to enjoy a beautiful outdoor wall decor!

Outdoor garden wall decoration: interesting wooden palisade

ideas decoration outdoor garden fence

Outdoor wall decoration of house with climbing plants

home decoration garden contemporary wall

These vertical spaces covered with vegetation will be even more elaborate if they are associated with wall decoration objects: modern paintings, vintage plates (for a romantic look), garden mirrors ... The options are endless!

Photo of pool terrace with brightly colored decoration

outdoor landscaping swimming pool terrace

Wall decor is not necessarily something that needs to be wall mounted. It can very well come in the form of artistic objects placed in front of the vertical surface. This kind of decoration offers the possibility of realizing a real artistic ensemble that contains much more volume.

Garden fence with wall decoration and flowerpot

garden decoration idea home contemporary courtyard fencing

Symmetrical flower pots and deco outdoor garden fence design

idea wall garden outdoor large flower pot outdoor

Thus, pots of large plants will be placed in front of the wall to give more symmetry to a small outdoor space. It will also be used to introduce more greenery and vegetation where it can not develop profusely for reasons of space organization.

Outdoor natural decoration with bamboo for small space

terrace deco exterior wall amenagement small garden

The same strategy is also feasible with plants installed in the ground. Select species that grow well in height and that you will cut regularly. Shape their silhouettes so that they cover part of your facade!

Bright decoration and modern terrace outdoor design

deco exterior wall garden steel corten

Lighting Ideas and Outdoor Garden Wall Decor

deco exterior wall garden lighting terrace design

Outdoor wall decoration also involves thinking about lighting the outdoor space. Instead of having a dark garden, try inscribing vertical surfaces in your garden and terrace design lighting project. Use spotlights or sconces and try to make these vertical surfaces reflect artificial light.

Design lighting for modern outdoor and garden fence deco

deco wall and fence design exterior garden

Outdoor lighting also plays an important role in highlighting other decorative objects placed on walls and fences.

Decorative idea of ​​wooden garden exterior wall

image wall garden decoration exterieur

Modern garden exterior wall decoration in white and wood

deco exterior wall garden pool terrace

Wood is another classic material for outdoor decoration. It can be used to make modern ornaments on a white wall or other light color. Recovered or recycled wood will easily fit DIY exterior wall deco projects. To make it more durable, do not forget to cover it with a lacquer protection layer.

Garden fence decoration

garden deco fence terrace wood

Photo of outdoor decoration and garden wall in colors

garden deco exterior wall terrace dining area

Another type of wall decor to tinker with is that in water resistant paint or bombing. Use it to make pictures for outdoors or to draw patterns directly on part of your walls. For a symmetrical effect, try the geometric shapes (to be made with a little paint protection adhesive) in different colors.

Create an accent for successful garden exterior wall decor

bright deco exterior wall garden pool

Materials for exterior accent wall

fencing exterior decoration stone wall accents

On the outside and inside, you can create an accent wall that can act as a focal point in the garden and on the terrace. To achieve this effect, choose a stone or wood wall or a large decorative board placed in the center of a vertical surface.

Outdoor garden wall decoration idea in minimalist style

deco wall garden entrance house exterior

Deco of terrace and minimalist garden

deco exterior wall garden and terrace modern design

The minimalist wall decoration would be suitable for those with gardens designed in this style. It brings a feeling of order and tranquility and it can be achieved by means of a play of materials and a suitable lighting.

Outdoor wall decoration idea according to the space

wall decor exterior entrance-house-welcome

To decide which outdoor wall decoration to favor for a corner of your garden, think also about the functions that it fulfills. For example, for an exterior wall near the entrance to the house, panels with greeting messages will often be used. This kind of panels is accessible in the shops but it is quite simple to make oneself too. All you will need to make one is recycled wood planks, some paint, a thread and some nails. Write your message on the boards (polish them if you wish) with the help of the paint, then fix it with the help of nails!

Example of facade decoration with metal for garden

deco exterior wall metal-steel-plant-climber-idea

In a garden, the wall will be adorned with an accessory that is reminiscent of nature. Metal panels that reproduce floral motifs or animals are one of the most beautiful solutions to accomplish this goal. Some are even suitable for climbing plants!

Facade decoration ideas for a cozy garden room

mosaic-style-Moroccan exterior wall decoration

As for the exterior wall decor for a garden room, we suggest you opt for a fireplace installed near your sofa and your coffee table. It's a way to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy a fire to simmer healthy dishes outdoors!

Outdoor Wall Deco Painting with Metallic Paint Color

outdoor wall decor garden-table-colors

Not enough room for a fireplace installed on your facade? No problem ! So try a wall decoration with a large table next to your garden. For a more interesting effect, create your own table. Incorporate metallic or bright colors (golden, silver, copper ...). They will reflect the light of the sun and your lights and thus contribute to the lighting of your garden.

Gabion wall decoration with stone composition

decoration wall terrace garden fences

Want to give your garden lounge a modern look, while protecting it from prying eyes? The gabion will help you accomplish this mission with great success. Heap a few levels of cages filled with pebbles, while arranging them to produce more visual impact!

Palisade deco and minimalist style partition wall

outdoor decoration wall garden idea

So, what is your favorite idea of ​​outdoor garden or patio wall decoration? Experiment with one or more options from our list to create your unique ornaments!

Outdoor decorative idea with original wooden wall and flowers in pots

idea garden wall outdoor wood palisade

* Deco exterior garden wall design by Anna Garforth

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