Outdoor kitchen cabinet: ideas and practical storage tips

kitchen furniture exeieur idee amenagement

Spring is almost here! And then comes the time for outdoor meals, barbecues and parties outside! But it is true that meals in the garden can quickly become tedious if you have to run all the time between the kitchen and the garden to serve food and drinks.
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The solution: the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen allows you to stay close to the guests when cooking, but you still need to know how to equip it. So what furniture outdoor kitchen to choose? Outdoor kitchen furniture is a great idea to make the space more functional and modern and can be found in a wide variety of styles and materials.

Wooden outdoor kitchen cabinet

contemporary design outdoor kitchen cabinet

The furniture you choose for your outdoor kitchen can be custom-made or bought ready. You have the choice between stainless steel, recovered wood, stamped tin, teak, bamboo or even impermeable polymer. It is important to know that all of its materials have been specially treated to protect against heat, humidity and cold. When choosing furniture for your kitchen, you must take into consideration the available space, the cost and the specific climate of your area.

Minimalist outdoor kitchen in white

outdoor kitchen cabinet design

The most used material for outdoor furniture and accessories and stainless steel. The popularity of this material is not due solely to its classic character and its look reminiscent of professional kitchens. Stainless steel has a long service life and is very easy to clean and maintain. Many kitchen furniture manufacturers offer storage cabinets, sinks, back panels for grills or stainless steel outdoor kitchen work surfaces, so it will not be difficult to find what you are looking for.
Modern stainless steel outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen cabinet modern design

Another very suitable material for the outdoor kitchen, often exposed to the weather, is the polymer specially designed for outdoor weather conditions, which is waterproof and resistant to sunlight. Polymer furniture can be finished with wood or other materials to give them the look you want and that will follow with the decor of your kitchen.
Elegant outdoor kitchen with stainless steel furniture

outdoor kitchen cabinet idea

Regardless of the material you choose for furniture in the outdoor kitchen, be aware that this furniture does not have to be fixed in a well-defined place. If you want to have some freedom to change the look of the kitchen, then you can opt for a rolling kitchen island with plenty of storage drawers. So you will have the flexibility you will need and more workspace available.
Small outdoor kitchen on wooden deck

elegant design outdoor kitchen

Lack of storage space is a common problem for outdoor kitchens. Try to maximize the space when you build your own and list everything you want in order to know exactly how much space you will need. Deep storage cabinets are great for large appliances but are not suitable for storing small accessories. It is therefore better to have more and less deep storage furniture.
Outdoor kitchen furniture in wood and stainless steel

contemporary outdoor kitchen cabinet

The space below and above can be very convenient to use. If your outdoor kitchen includes a wall, then consider incorporating practical and modern storage furniture that will also serve as decoration. If you have a small center island, then use these four sides for storage or make deeper and larger drawers.
Outdoor kitchen of contemporary design

modern outdoor kitchen cabinet

Stone outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen amenagement idee

Garden with pergola and outdoor kitchen

modern outdoor kitchen deco

outdoor kitchen deco stone

outdoor kitchen design wood

outdoor kitchen interesting design

outdoor kitchen simple design

interesting outdoor kitchen deco

outside kitchen central island

outdoor kitchen furniture wood

outdoor kitchen designer furniture

outdoor kitchen furniture idea

outdoor kitchen modern furniture

ultra modern minimalist outdoor kitchen

modern outdoor kitchen idea

outdoor kitchen pergola wood

outdoor kitchen stone idea

ultra modern outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen furniture

outdoor kitchen cabinet design

outdoor kitchen cabinet steel

outdoor kitchen furniture wood

outdoor kitchen idee design

outdoor kitchen furniture idea

outdoor kitchen cabinet stainless steel

stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinet

outdoor kitchen cabinet stone

ultra modern modern kitchen design

outdoor kitchen furniture idee amenagement

outdoor kitchen furniture idee design

modern outdoor kitchen cabinet

outdoor kitchen cabinet modern design

outdoor kitchen cabinet modern idea

outdoor stone kitchen cabinet

outdoor kitchen furniture pergola

small outdoor kitchen furniture

small modern outdoor kitchen

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