Outdoor lighting design and lighting trend of the moment

outdoor lighting design decoration driveway pool modern design

With the arrival of spring, we are interested in garden and terrace. This text relates to the exterior lighting design of these spaces. You will discover a review of different types of outdoor luminaires , pictures of popular models at the moment and suggestions for decorating your home.

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Choice of outdoor lighting design: a wide range of products on the market

what outdoor lighting design landscaped garden decoration

The current market abounds in exterior design lighting products. Among these are LED integrated luminaires, suspensions, wall lights, bollards, street lights, light garlands, lanterns, illuminated floors, spotlights and many more. aesthetic and interesting solutions .

Outdoor lighting design: decorative and functional lighting

outdoor lighting design swimming pool terrace sol decking

The range of models and types of fixtures is so rich today that the choice of lighting can be a real headache. Below, we will address the subject of different types of lighting to guide you in your search for the best product for the development of your outdoor space.

Decorative lighting and outdoor lighting suggestion for pool terrace

choice outdoor lighting design integrated ideas terrace

So explore the rest of our text without further ado to see lighting ideas and lighting models from major brands specializing in the manufacturing of lighting products, such as iGuzzini, Altiis , Cini and Nils and Troy Lighting!

LED outdoor lighting idea

outdoor lighting design integrated lighting led wall

LED outdoor lighting is among the most popular choices for landscaping modern style terraces and gardens. This kind of luminaires has the advantage of being able to be installed directly on a vertical or horizontal surface: a wall, the floor or the ceiling of an outside space.

Design outdoor lighting with LED lights: convenient for small and large spaces

outdoor lighting design home terrace decking spots

In other words, the integrated LED luminaires are a very compact solution that offers, at the same time, a fairly powerful light. This is why they are a favorite object for modern outdoor homeowners, as they are often small and furnished in a minimalist or minimalist style.

Outdoor lighting design: lighting for the terrace and the dining area

deco garden suspension terrace design outdoor light led integrated

Exterior lighting design

floor lamp deco outdoor terrace contemporary style

Standing luminaires and floor lamps are inspired by similar products created for interior decoration. They can be used for lighting a particular area of ​​your outdoor space: a corner on the terrace or an area around the pool. These fixtures have a rather decorative function and they are not intended to illuminate very large areas.

Floor lamp for outdoor lighting design of modern terrace

outdoor lighting design floor lamp decoration terrace

Bollard lighting exterior design

garden aisle lighting outdoor landscaping

Outdoor lighting bollards are those small lamps that often light up garden paths and spaces around a terrace. These terminals are available in several styles, which gives you a very large selection of products. Outdoor luminaires of this kind are an ideal solution for lighting large gardens with driveways.

Decorative outdoor lighting design with LED light

outdoor lighting design lighting decoraives garden

They are almost indispensable for the landscaping of a landscaped garden. In this context, they are used to highlight certain elements of the green space, such as an interesting plant, a tree, an art deco object, a water fountain ...

Outdoor decoration and design lighting for terrace floors

outdoor lighting design terrace led floor light plates

Also used to illuminate the farthest corners of a garden, the outdoor lighting design are now equipped with motion detectors. It automatically turns on the terminal when it detects a nearby movement. This additional equipment can increase the price of such products a little.

Suggestion of exterior lighting design for house entrance

idea outdoor lighting suspension design decoration terrace

Be aware, however, that such an investment is useful because, thanks to motion sensors, you could save money on your electricity bill for years to come. And you will contribute to the protection of the environment by limiting your electricity consumption!

Exterior lighting design

outdoor lighting design applique modern design ideas

The outdoor lighting design are among the products well known by most French. Like the bollards, the sconces are made in many styles, which allows garden owners to complete the look of their green spaces with luminaires harmonized with the rest of their decor .

Designer wall lights for home facade lighting

wall light outdoor lighting design home deco

Wall sconces are a good solution for lighting terraces and walkways that are close to the front of a house. Among the advantages of modern models, there is the fact that they occupy very little space and that they are also equipped with motion detectors. These luminaires therefore offer all the advantages of the detector that we saw above.

Outdoor suspension and design lighting: where to install it?

hanging lamps design landscaping outdoor dining area

Outdoor design suspensions are types of lamps that are usually used for the development of a central space, such as a dining area, an outdoor bar or a poolside relaxation area. or a fountain. This is where outdoor hanging lamps will shine and they will be appreciated the most!

Design suspension for terrace lighting and veranda

outdoor lighting ideas terrace suspension ball

Other products of modern design exterior wall lighting

outdoor lighting design wall terrace

In addition to outdoor wall lamps and lamps, there is now also a product that combines the aesthetic aspect of floor lamps and gives you the opportunity to gain more space, such as wall sconces. These are outdoor wall-mounted lighting fixtures that are directly attached to the wall.

Modern and original luminaires for house facade lighting

outdoor lighting design garden lamps ideas

They can be arranged in rows of several luminaires to adorn a facade, for example, on the occasion of a special event, a party or, quite simply, an evening with friends!

Outdoor fireplace: a source of light and a trendy accessory

outdoor lighting design ball suspension

When we talk about outdoor lighting, we must not forget to mention the fireplace. Although it is not a lighting fixture, this trendy object beautifully illuminates modern gardens and brings a very pleasant atmosphere to outdoor spaces that are adorned with them.

Light garland and decorative lighting for terrace

light garland pergola decoration bar outdoor

The light garland, meanwhile, is a type of lighting that accompanies terraces, wooden or metal pergolas and garden arbours. She is particularly beautiful when accompanied by a few lanterns and candles. It will undoubtedly seduce all those who love the bohemian chic decor!

Light garlands for a summer atmosphere

lighting for outdoor terrace decoration night

Choose an outdoor patio light

lamp and suspension design terrace amenagement exterieur

Suggestion of outdoor lighting for a dining area

outdoor lighting lighting pergola terrace dining area

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