Outdoor lighting: which lighting for which atmosphere?

outdoor lighting terrace garden modern decoration

Do you have the chance to enjoy a balcony or a terrace? Whatever the season, you probably want to make the most of this precious space. One of the important elements when designing an outdoor area is lighting.

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Do you want a outdoor lighting design , modern, recycled or very original? If you are looking for inspiring ideas for your balcony, we invite you to discover our gallery of examples of design lighting and DIY. They will light, but also decorate and make your balcony or terrace elegant.

Floodlight Outdoor Luminaire by Telcom

floor lamp flute design modern original outdoor lighting cheap design telcom

Having a balcony or a terrace is a real pleasure. To neglect it would be very regrettable. It is a place that has a lot of potential and deserves a good layout. By illuminating it in an appropriate and elegant way, you highlight it and it becomes a place of your living space apart. How to choose the right lighting system? First, take into account the size of your space. Is he tall or is he small? If you have a balcony not very big, avoid lighting too bright. The balcony is often conceived as a space of relaxation: one reads a book, one drinks a glass or one spend an evening between friends. For a warm and friendly atmosphere, too bright lighting is not recommended.

Outdoor design luminaire for balcony or terrace by Modum

exterior idea lighting design modern modum modern terrace lighting balcony

What atmosphere do you want to create on your balcony? Depending on the type of lighting chosen, you can create a happy, romantic or magical atmosphere. To create a happy atmosphere, why not opt ​​for color lights? The light garlands, with multiple light bulbs of different colors, are perfect for creating a bohemian and chic style at a time. This is a great idea, but try not to put too many colors because you may create a mood "Christmas" . Adding color to an interior or an exterior is always done in moderation.

Small LED polyethylene floor lamp Fontana Arte

outdoor floor lamp design idea lighting LED polyethylene modern design idea

Have you ever heard of "strip led"? A real trend, these are strips of light that you can stick along your balcony to emphasize its contours.

Lighting with LED strips

terrace furniture balcony idea sofa lighting led strip led

For small balconies and terraces, it is recommended to opt for bright furniture. There are many designers who invest in the invention of bright outdoor furniture. There are stools, coffee tables, armchairs and many others. These furniture diffuse a soft light. They are perfect for a zen atmosphere .

Illuminated armchair by Vondom

luminaire design outdoor armchair bright sabinas vondom floor rug brown armchair design idea

Often, balconies do not have outlets. How can you light your balcony? There are two solutions: solar lights or luminaires that work with a battery. Ecolo at heart, we recommend those who feed on the sun's rays. This type of lighting is not only ecological. He is also efficient. Powered by solar energy, it diffuses a soft light. They diffuse less light in winter than in summer. Regarding the portable lamps and other lamps with batteries, they take a long time and are sufficient to illuminate, for example, the time of a dinner. It is quite possible to multiply and use different luminaires.

DIY lighting idea

idea lighting fixture balcony terrace design DIY glass exterior modern layout

For an atmosphere of magic and elegance, you can also install spotlights and candles. You can also create a romantic mood by placing solar light pebbles. Finally, feel free to choose the lighting that you like the most and create a personalized atmosphere. Here are some visual examples to give you more ideas:

Design outdoor lighting idea for aisle

outdoor lighting outdoor trolley modern aisle

Photo of original garden lighting

outdoor lighting lantern outdoor design

Modern terrace light garland

lighting outdoor garlands light decoration terrace

Photo of outdoor patio lamp

outdoor lighting allee amenagement jardin

Idea of ​​modern terrace lighting

outdoor lighting idea garland light design design terrace modern

Gloriette design floor lamp by Forestier

lighting design gloriette idea modern forest design interior modern plant decoration

Warm and friendly atmosphere

outdoor lighting idea lighting design swimming pool candles sofa balcony

outdoor modern sofa cushion table wood design idea flower pots deco table diy

outdoor lighting idea design sofa cushion terrace light garland

outdoor lighting idea garland light design candles

outside lighting idea lighting outdoor design terrace balcony

outdoor lighting design idea balcony terrace uovo lighting design floor lamp made of polyethylene fontanaarte

outdoor lighting modern design idea terrace lamp

outdoor lighting idea outlet design flowers flowerpot lighting terrace

lighting design exterior modern idea floor lamp synthetic turf erbavoglio karman

outdoor led lighting outdoor lighting design original idea led in pmma clamp 60 small lombardo

outdoor lighting design idea modern lighting led

outdoor lighting design original idea without modern take

exterior modern design floor lamp outdoor lighting idea modern design paloma serralunga

outdoor lighting idea lighting design wg outdoor lighting design lamp swimming pool idea

outdoor terrace modern idea lighting fixture suspension design glass table chair cushions wooden house

light vase design furniture floor lamp bola vondom modern idea

deco balcony terrace arrangement idea sofa resin braided cushions lighting outdoor idea

outdoor terrace design idea white table chair lighting

balcony lighting idea garland light white table chair

interior design lighting idea tipi wood design

outdoor lighting DIY design idea flower bouquet arrangement balcony terrace design

outdoor modern idea furniture sofa design coffee table glass idea armchair white

lighting design table light idea outdoor lighting modern design meridiano vibia

outdoor lighting design outdoor lighting design idea balcony terrace

outdoor lighting design idea candle cardboard deco design

led lighting design idea small lombardo design floor lamp LED

outdoor lighting design garland light idea layout terrace chair wood

light garland idea outdoor lighting terrace balcony design table wood

outdoor lighting small price idea candles design

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