Outdoor playground for your little ones in 45 ideas

playground child modern garden

Children need to discover new things and flourish in their imagination. Spring and summer is the time of the adventures in full sun ! Forget the computer and lock up at home, it's time to have fun outside!

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Discover our selection of 40 ideas playground original child!

Children's play area in 45 inspiring ideas!

large garden child playground

If you have the pleasure of enjoying a garden big enough, you can make a playground for your kids! Give your children a safe and friendly space. In this way, your children breathe a good breath of air while playing outside and you will be quiet that they are not in danger while climbing trees. Which choice of games is best for your children? It all depends on their age, your budget and the size of your garden. You do not need to spend too much money. It is essential to choose games adapted to their needs. Do not forget to measure the space of your garden before you start buying and building games for your children!

Playground for a large garden

playground child cabin

The toboggan is very suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old. It is also the most difficult to install. There are small plastic slides that are easy to store. The metal and wooden toboggans are also a good choice. Do not forget to add a layer of sand! For children ages 4 to 12, the trampoline is a great place to unwind. Moreover, it is suitable for the whole family. Remember to provide enough space.

Playground: a garden shed and two hammocks

garden hut child garden furniture original

The swing is the perfect choice for children from 3 to 6 years old. We all know the sensation of flying in the air. It's a very relaxing and dangerous moment. At the shops, you can find all kinds of swings: wooden, plastic, metal. Choose a swing that will fit your garden decoration. Think about its layout so as not to hinder the general layout of your garden. The sandpit is perfect for children from 2 to 6 years old. Its big advantage is that it is made of wood. It is both a harmonious and natural decoration and a practical playground. Sandboxes come in many different forms: square, rectangular, octagonal.

Playground for small gardens

children's play area original idea wood

Tent-tents is ideal for children from 3 to 8 years old. The wooden cabin is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. You can even build it in pallets! The hammock: a pleasure for the whole family! If you have a small garden and want to do something that suits the whole family, then the hammock is the right choice for you. Sit in the sun in the afternoon or play in the morning hammock will be appreciated by young and old!

Wooden playground for children

sandbox garden original idea funny kids games outside

Playground in a large garden

playground large garden children balance wood plant

Playground furnishing idea for small gardens

wooden sandbox children garden landscaping playground

A trough wooden sand

kids garden playground games sandbox wooden original idea

A wooden sandbox and green

play area garden child wooden sandbox

Sandpit and a small pool

garden furniture sandbox child playground

Interesting game

child garden games original playground

playground activity outside kids wood original idea

slide garden plastic kids activity out chippi

games outside kids idea play space plastic objects

child playground original ideas

original idea play area playground children garden wood cabin slide

playground large garden shed garden shed green

child play space wooden house original idea

plastic garden hut idea chair layout play area children

children's playground garden idea

layout play area hammock idea small garden

hammock balance playground children original idea

hammock garden layout idea original child adult

idea garden layout hammock children play area relaxation area

child idea play space interesting wood

outdoor playground child idea original garden shed swing

idea layout large garden space play area kids original idea

swings kids idea original wood garden

interesting wood slide original kids garden layout original idea

interesting garden space outside games

games kids garden outside idea original wood

garden shed slide idea landscaping garden child play outside

garden garden hut child plastic slide castle

A swing, a garden shed and a toboggan

child play area interesting original idea

play area garden idea house large space

idea installation slide plastic garden layout play area children

space garden games outdoor children

outdoor games original idea child

children's playground slide green and plastic idea landscaping outdoor garden

DIY child playground

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