Outdoor tile: 50 ideas for your patio or terrace

outdoor tile idea swimming pool terrace modern style panaria

Cout like the interior tiles, the exterior tile can be found in a wide variety of colors, textures, styles and materials. But unlike the interior tiles, the exterior tile must be very strong and resistant enough to endure the varied climatic conditions.

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No matter if it's extreme heat, rain, snow or extreme use, the tiles you choose will have to be adapted to your climatic conditions to be both beautiful and functional. Read this article to find out what type of tile to choose for your outdoor area.

Modern outdoor tile by Ceramicas team

outdoor ceramic tile TEAM CERAMICAS

What is the style of your home and outdoor space? The deco style and architecture of your home will have a big impact on your tile selection. It is better to opt for a tiling that follows with the other already existing elements, to create a beautiful and coherent space. Analyze well your outdoor decoration will help you shorten the list of possible choices, as well as manufacturing materials.

Exterior tile in gray by Panaria Ceramica

outdoor tile landscaping garden

One thing you almost never think of is the brightness of the outdoor space where the tiles will be used. Most people do not realize that using dark tones in a dimly lit space will make this space even darker and even uncomfortable. An easy-to-follow rule: choose light-colored tiles for light-poor places and dark-colored tiles for places with lots of light. The tile color will also depend on the color of your house and exterior.

Outdoor tile design by Panaria Ceramica

tiling outside idee flooring modern terrace

How you plan to use tiled space is another very important aspect that you need to consider. If it is, for example, a space of great passage, you must choose very durable tiles so that it can withstand this frequent use. Some manufacturing materials are very strong while others are much more fragile and you must learn before buying. By opting for an inappropriate tile, you will have to constantly change and repair your exterior flooring.

Imitation wood tile by Panaria Ceramica

outdoor tile with wood effect Panaria Ceramica

Some patios and outdoor areas are highly exposed to moisture and contact with water. Mildew and water make the tile slippery and therefore - dangerous for the passage. This is also very important if you plan to put the tiles on your outside stairs and especially if you have children. There are still many types of tiles suitable for outdoor use that are not slippery. That's why, you must know well before making your final choice. The exterior tile can be made of ceramic, porcelain, stone or sandstone. Choose a tile that suits your needs and follows with the exterior decoration you already have. Here are 50 examples of tiles likely to please you:

Outdoor tile in beige shades by Ceramiche Coem

outdoor tile modern floor tiles

Natural color tiles and outdoor floor deco

outdoor deco tile terrace design italian

Modern tile idea by B & B

natural stone outdoor tile B & B

Design patio tile by Ceramica Fioranese

outdoor tile outdoor terrace Ceramica Fioranese

Tiles in beige shades by Panaria Ceramicas

modern outdoor tile Panaria Ceramica

Gray tiles by Ceramiche Coem

outdoor tile dark shade Ceramiche Coem

Terrace with pool decorated with gray tiles by Ceramiche Coem

gray outdoor tile Ceramiche Coem

outdoor tile imitation wood MARAZZI

garden alley tile IDEAL WORK

elegant design tile FAVARO1

modern design tile APE CERAMICA

beige design tiled floor APE CERAMICA

gray design tile Ceramiche Coem

original design tile FAVARO1

stone effect tile Ceramica Rondine

design stone tile YURTBAY SERAMIK

Revigrés stone tile

outdoor ceramic tile design TEAM CERAMICAS

outdoor tile stone effect Ceramiche Coem

modern outdoor tile Casalgrande Padana

original outdoor tile Ceramiche Coem

exterior stone tile GOLDEN LEAF

porcelain outdoor tile design Ceramica Fioranese

porcelain outdoor tile shades brown Ceramica Rondine

porcelain outdoor tile Panaria Ceramica

imitation wood design tiles Revigrés

imitation wood tile interesting Ceramica Rondine

imitation wood tile MARAZZI

imitation modern wood imitation tiles

imitation wood terrace tile ALTIIS

contemporary design patio tile LEA CERAMICHE

patio tile design FAP ceramiche

design terrace tile Ragno

textile deck tile with textile effect CERAMICA FONDOVALLE

modern terrace tile APE CERAMICA

modern terrace tile Ceramiche Refin

modern terrace tile FAP ceramiche

gray terrace tile Ceramiche Coem

porcelain terrace tile Ceramiche keope

Ceramiche Supergres elegant tile idea

idea tile terrace IDEAL WORK

tiled-outdoor terrace-Ceramica-Fioranese

beige outdoor tile Ceramiche Coem

outdoor tile modern design Panaria Ceramica

outdoor tile design Panaria Ceramica

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