Outdoor wall decoration: many design ideas for your walls

deco exterior wall ideas

The exterior decoration of the house requires careful planning. You must take into account climate, materials, design and colors. The deco exterior wall can become a very interesting DIY project if you perceive your wall as a huge blank canvas just waiting to be filled.

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Any combination of colors, flowers, decorative objects and textures can help you create your own wall art.

Decorative stone exterior wall

exterior wall decor stone look

One of the easiest ways for the deco exterior wall is the painting. If it's just one long wall, opt for a color that creates a contrast and complements the rest of the house at the same time. This can help you accentuate the wall and create a background for other decorative ideas. Add another neutral color to define the space, extending it all the way to the house to create a sense of continuity. If you want to minimize the excessive length of the wall, "cut" it with a pair of contrasting colors that will give the impression of having two shorter walls next to each other. Alternatively, you can create an outdoor art gallery with decorative paintings. Unfortunately, this can only be done in the back part of your house so as not to disturb the front of the house .

Decorative exterior wall

deco exterior wall original design

If the wall you want to decorate is near your garden or green space, consider planting bushes or small trees. Alternate conifers with flowering shrubs to create a natural color source next to the wall. You can also use potted plants if necessary, but choose them about the same size. If you want to make a more rustic and country decor, put lattices against the wall for climbing plants such as ivy, roses or clematis. The vines and fruit trees are also a very good idea.

Decorative stone exterior wall with plants

deco exterior wall elegant design

There are several materials for creating texture on an exterior wall, including wood, adobe, stucco and brick. Use them all over the wall or for building a small border at the bottom of the wall. Make patterns on the wall using tiles and mosaic. You can give a stone look by using prefabricated panels, easily attached to the wall. In the same way, you can get a look like brick, wood or limestone.

Original wall decoration idea

deco exterior wall original idea

Another idea is to decorate the windows with colorful blinds, arches and flower pots with greenery. You can also attach accessories such as bird feeders, weathervanes, flags or wind chimes. If you find old sundials or masks, use them in your decoration. The installation of decorative shelves is another very interesting option. Arrange pots of flowers or herbs. The combination of these decorative elements can help you break the monotony of the wall, while allowing you to create a unique outdoor setting. Here are other interesting ideas in pictures:

Exterior wall of original design

original exterior wall decoration

Interesting exterior wall decoration

deco exterior wall interesting

Modern brick exterior wall

deco exterior wall bricks design

Decorative elements for the exterior wall

wall decor exterior wall

Green wall as an outdoor decoration

outdoor wall decoration ideas plant

outdoor wall deco idea

wall decoration outdoor plants

deco wood exterior wall

deco exterior wall bricks

deco exterior wall design

elegant exterior wall decoration

deco exterior wall star

outdoor wall decoration green plant idea

deco exterior wall light fixtures

modern exterior wall decoration

modern exterior wall design

deco exterior wall mosaic

original mosaic wall decoration

deco exterior wall vegetal wall

deco exterior wall panels wood

deco exterior wall stone design

deco wall outside plants

wall decoration outdoor green plants

deco exterior wall wooden beams

vintage exterior wall decoration

original wall decoration

outdoor decoration wall painting

decoration exterior wall fountain

gray exterior wall decoration

exterior wall decoration

bright exterior wall decoration

exterior wall decoration

exterior stone wall decoration

rustic exterior wall decoration

decoration exterior wall paintings

outdoor wall decoration idea

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