Pallet furniture conquers your home and garden

furniture in pallet coffee table DIY board

In recent years, trends have changed. With the pressing question of sustainable development and the desire to preserve our environment, architecture and the world of design are more and more respectful and aware of their carbon footprint.

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This is how the trend of recycled furniture appears, with the aim of reusing materials that do not yet deserve to be sent to the dump. It is in this spirit that positions our article today because it is dedicated to furniture in pallet .

Pallet furniture, for us as well as for our pets

furniture in pallet terrace garden images

Pallet wood belongs originally to the world of packaging, storage and transport of goods, but it is also the preferred choice DIY . Yes, the pallet can be dismantled to make various furniture, or reused as it is. From there, imagination has no limits. You can make a sublime coffee table with wheels, a base for a sofa bed, a swing or a bedhead .

Recycled pallet cabinet for a shabby chic look

furniture in pallet bar outdoor garden

The furniture in pallet would also fit, perfectly, into your garden . You can tinker with a deck chair or a vertical stand to grow a few plants. The adopted style will often be the rustic that borders shabby chic and this fits perfectly with the artistic souls. We let the images speak for themselves ...

Beautiful wooden table for a rustic look

beautiful table decorated with wood palette

A recycled wood headboard adds character to the bedroom

pallet furniture make an original headboard

Garden furniture made of pallet wood

furniture in pallet for the garden

Furniture made by hand with recycled wood

wooden pallet bed sofa

DIY dresser for limited budgets

convenient shabby chic in palette

Chandelier, staircase or mirror support ... pallet wood is always welcome

staircase chandelier or pallet mirror support

The pallet wood goes like a glove to the garden furniture!

pallet wood to furnish your garden or green area

beautiful coffee table in palette

beautiful L-shaped sofa made in pallet

beautiful sofa bed on recycled wood base

furniture in original palette

how to create a piece of furniture in a palette for everyone

furniture in pallet for each room

recycled wood benches for the garden

wooden headboard with shelf

shabby chic rustic coffee table

beautiful modular wooden table

coffee table with casters

table stool wooden pallet

wooden pallet headboard

palette wood adds character

furniture in garden outdoor plant pallet

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