Pallet furniture: modern, elegant and ecological

furniture in pallet coffee table with wheels green design sofa

Having become trendy in recent years, wooden pallets always fascinate DIYers. Being the creator of this own furniture - it's modern. The reuse of old materials, giving them a second life, is an environmentally friendly act.

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Pallets are easy to handle even for beginner do-it-yourselfers. We invite you to discover our gallery of more than 70 examples of furniture in pallet : table, chair, sofa, bench, chair, shelf and others.

Pallet cabinet: coffee table with casters

furniture in pallet idea DIY wood deco wall carpet floor white sofa

Recover and tinker, is part of the philosophy of contemporary design. Used for the transport of goods and storage at the base, the pallets are diverted from their original use. They invite themselves into interiors of very different styles. Insignificant at first sight, giving them a second life, pallets are transformed into designer furniture. In addition, they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The shape of wooden pallets makes them easy to handle and get fast results. For use as a coffee table, chair, sofa, bench, wooden pallets are easily integrated into the decoration and all the design styles.

Industrial style interior with pallet furniture

furniture in pallet idea interior design industrial modern deco chair wood wooden table

Want a design coffee table in your living room or garden? A wooden pallet is enough to make one! It's very simple, you can paint it or leave it nature. Then you can add casters and cover it with a glass panel. If you want to give it height, we advise you to use two, instead of one, as is the case of the example below.

Making a coffee table in a wooden pallet: the steps

To make a coffee table in a pallet you only need a wooden pallet, four swivel casters (optional), a brush and paint. To secure the pallet and casters, obtain a screwdriver and fastening screws.

We begin by sanding the pallet surface in order to prepare it for painting. The color of the painting depends on your desires. Once the paint is applied, let the palette dry. Then fix the casters with the screwdriver. The latter will allow you an easy move. Knowing that the palette is rather light, it is not absolutely necessary to put wheels. You choose ! And here is your pallet coffee table ready in less than two hours!

Idea of ​​coffee table in wooden pallets with wheels

furniture in pallet wood coffee table wood casters deco living room idea furniture cheap

Wooden chairs are usually quite expensive. Wood is the most natural material and the most appreciated in contemporary interior design. Instead of investing a lot in buying designer wooden chairs, why not make one with wooden pallets? You can keep its authentic color or paint it.

Make a pallet wood chair

You will need three pallets, one meter, pencil, saw, sander, sandpaper, screwdriver and screws of fixation. The first step is to disassemble the pallets to get the number of boards needed for your chair. Once all disassembled, begin to sand the wood. Cut out and look like two slats of about 90 cm, two slats of 40 cm, six slats of 35 cm for the seat, two slats of 37 cm for the backsplash, two battens of wood and the two covers for the sides.

Begin by attaching a 40cm board at right angles to the end of a cleat with the wood screwdriver. At the other end of the cleat, attach a 90 cm lath. Repeat this on the second side of the chair. Then connect the two edges using the 35 cm slats. In this way, you will also form the seat. Consolidate the structure by adding two slats below. Form the backsplash with slats of 37 cm. Finish by fixing the two covers for the sides. They will give a finished look to your chair! We advise you to watch the video below to see all the steps:

Chair in wooden pallets

furniture in pallet idea chair design DIY cheap

Disassemble a wooden pallet without tools

Disassembly is a step that is part of most DIY projects with pallets . Before you start disassembling, a useful tip: never disassemble a wet pallet. There are four methods to dismount a pallet: dismounting with presser foot and a mass, dismounting with a wedge and a hammer, disassembly with a saw and dismounting without tools! The simplest and fastest method is one that does not require tools. Watch the video below to understand how:

Summer is a good time to lie down and enjoy the sun in the garden. With a rope and a wooden pallet, you can make your swing with ease! To make it, you do not need to disassemble your palette. Just sand it down and paint it if you want it. Subsequently, it is suspended with solid rope. You are free to add cushions and blankets. If you have children and for your own safety, make sure your pallet swing is secure!

Garden swing in wooden pallets

garden bench pallet wood idea DIY furniture cheap

Pallet sofa

Making a wooden pallet sofa is very simple. It does not require disassembly. Sanding and painting are enough to create a sofa in a pallet. For a corner sofa that has a little height four pallets are sufficient. You can paint them as in the example below in black. For comfort, do not forget the big ones cushions . This sofa is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It is universal! There is no need for a fixation whatsoever. If at any time you need it, you can use the pallets separately. The palettes of your sofa will easily turn into a coffee table or garden bench if needed!

Wooden pallet floor sofa in black

wooden pallets idea DIY living room coffee table white wall decoration

Here is a very original idea of ​​palette that has been transformed into two garden benches and coffee table. To do the same, you will need tools for disassembly and a little more patience.

DIY idea of table original

wooden pallet DIY furniture in pallet garden

The screwdriver - a tool always practical

Having a screwdriver at home is very practical. Many of the brico projects with pallets (table, bench, sofa, vertical garden) do not necessarily require the use of a screwdriver, but the latter will always be useful even in other brico projects. If you're just starting your DIY adventure, try brico projects with simple palettes. Little by little, you will learn the good habits and you can try more complicated projects. Discover the rest of our pallet furniture proposals to make yourself and find inspiring ideas:

Coffee table with casters in white

modern interior DIY table pallet wood casters sofa cushions

Large table in wooden pallets

furniture in palette idea DIY table flowers

Design living room coffee table in wood pallets

table pallet-design-idea

Idea gray coffee table with wheels

coffee table wood pallet idea DIY furniture cheap chair cushion

Multi-function pallet cabinet

coffee table wood cushion idea plant DIY cheap

Large pallet chair

furniture wooden pallet diy idea cheap chair

Bar and stools for an aperitif outside

wooden pallets chair modern design idea

Idea table and stools in pallets

furniture in palette idea DIY high table chair stool

Garden bar to make yourself

garden furniture pallet chair bar wood diy

furniture in pallet idea DIY wood chair cushions black

bench garden pallet wood idea

DIY coat rack

Coat Racks DIY Wood Pallets Idea

Garden sofa in pallet easy to manufacture

idea landscaping wood pallet design

wooden pallet furniture cushions idea

DIY pallet idea furniture cheap design wood

wooden pallet furniture idea sofa cushions

wooden chair diy idea armchair white cushions

wooden pallet chair idea chaise-longue

idea coloring palette chair design furniture wood

pallet wood garden idea fence gate flowers pot

furniture pallet brico deco shelf

pallet brico idea furniture table wood

wooden furniture idea decoration plants storage

storage garden plant flowerpot idea DIY pallet wood

furniture pallet idea brico garden furniture sofa coffee table

pallet bed idea brico wood

wooden pallet bed DIY wall deco idea

wooden pallet bed suspension garden idea cheap

garden bench wood pallet cushions brico

furniture DIY idea garden bench chair-long armchair wood

decorative pallet idea sofa cushions floor mats

furniture in wooden pallet sofa roulette deco wall frames cushions

furniture pallet idea DIY design wooden bench

pallet wood furniture DIY idea

pallet furniture wood brico idea

wooden furniture brico idea pallet storage bottles

storage terrace furniture wooden bench chair

coffee table wood floor rug sofa living room idea furniture cheap

furniture pallet diy idea wood office

pallet diy living room idea furniture wood TV

furniture pallet wood armchair idea cushions

bar in pallet wood DIY furniture cheap

pallet wood furniture storage fruit

wooden pallet garden living room wooden table wooden chair deco cushions

pallet wooden furniture garden bench cushions idea

furniture pallet painting idea decor brico cushions

pallet furniture wood idea table living room

wooden table pallet brico idea furniture cheap

brico pallet wood child furniture cheap

living room sofa gray design wooden table low deco frame

wooden pallet chair

wooden pallet DIY wooden idea design outdoor chair

modern pallets wood design table

pallet wooden table idea DIY

pallet table wood floor mats black white gray

coffee table garden idea DIY palette

furniture pallet idea stool

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