Pallet garden furniture: eco-friendly outdoor furniture

garden furniture in pallet bed garden wood make a pergola

To tinker is to develop your creativity, save money and above all respect the environment. The number of objects thrown away each day is impressive. In a highly consumer society, being aware of the human impact on the planet is also reacting and taking care of nature.

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It is for these reasons that the furniture made of recycled wood pallets has become very trendy. It's an ecological trend. Discover our beautiful selection of tables, chairs, benches, pallet garden furniture of wood s to inspire you and make yours!

Pallet garden furniture: let's be eco-friendly

garden furniture in pallet make a coffee table wood terrace

The shape of the wooden pallets makes it possible to make several interesting objects and furniture. No matter what your DIY skills are, pallets are easy to handle. For starters, you can look at the many tutorials online that will guide you in this great DIY adventure. You will see that in a short time and with creativity you can achieve more than satisfactory results.

DIY and creativity

idea garden furniture in pallet table kitchen outside summer

The art of recovery and DIY philosophy have been a real trend for a while. Indeed in France, for 20 years the holders of packaging waste are obliged to ensure the recycling of wooden pallets. Yet only 10% of wood pallets are valued each year. However, in recent times, some people recover and recycle the pallets by dismantling them to make original furniture! And fortunately..!

White wooden pallet sofa with cushions with floral pattern

sofa wooden pallet cushion design DIY cheap

Insignificant at first sight, by giving them a second life, the pallets are transformed into furniture very modern and design. Colorful, elegant, they are susceptible to any type of transformation. They allow furniture to be made in several different styles: a rustic and natural style, a more elegant and minimalist style and others. Especially the furniture in wooden pallets will make your garden outside personalized and original.

Nice elegant sofa

garden furniture in pallet paint wooden furniture pallets

Wooden pallet furniture to make yourself for an authentic garden decoration

garden furniture in white wood pallet garden table DIY

Outdoor decoration with garden furniture in natural wood pallet

garden furniture in pallet to make a wooden piece of furniture

Idea of ​​garden furniture in pallet with wooden corner sofa

garden furniture in white pallet cushion blue outdoor landscaping idea

Sofa made of wooden pallets

cheap garden furniture diy wood pallet cushions casters

Furniture in pallet and deco DIY for terrace and balcony

garden furniture in pallet outdoor furniture design garden bench wood pallet cushions

Green pallet sofa

green wood pallet garden sofa cushion deco plant

Large table in original wooden pallets

garden table in wooden pallet original idea

Small wooden pallet table and chairs

garden table pallet blue chair

Blue garden bench

garden furniture pallet garden bench

Small sofa

outdoor furniture wood pallet furniture cheap

Ideas for garden furniture in wooden pallets

outdoor furniture outdoor furniture wooden pallet cushions coffee table

garden furniture pallet wood table garden bench plant

garden table pallet tray with flower integrated original idea

garden furniture wood pallet idea landscaping outdoor

idea landscaping garden garden bench in pallet coffee table design

garden furniture wood sofa garden coffee table

arrange garden furniture wood lounge pallet

garden furniture in pallet garden bench pallet wood cushion modern

garden furniture in pallet outdoor furniture garden living room wooden pallet

garden furniture in pallet landscaping outdoor living room garden pallet wood cushions garden bench

furniture terrace wooden table pallet garden bench cushion plant decoration

outdoor furniture table pallet wood casters idea living room

furniture garden wood cheap flowers deco table with casters garden sofa

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