Pantone color: serenity blue in the interior decor

pink pantone color blue living room

This year Pantone chose two colors: pale pink and blue serenity. It is a fact that the Pantone color Blue Serenity is a truly relaxing color and one feels better physically and emotionally when one is outdoors below the blue sky.

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This pastel shade evokes the image of a cotton candy and spring flowers. Today, we will present you some ideas how to integrate it into your interior decoration.

Pantone color: serenity blue in the living room decor

pantone color decoration living room

There are actually many very interesting ways to decorate with the Pantone color blue serenity. Paint the bedroom or the bedroom cooked in blue is definitely one of the most obvious ways. But in addition to the blue paint, you can also fill your kitchen with blue appliances that will no doubt become the centerpieces of your decor.

Decoration with accessories in blue and pink

pink blue pantone color

Carpets are a great idea for living room decor. But with a rug in blue serenity you will have the impression of resting your feet in an icy ocean after a long day of work. In the bedroom the blue carpet, placed under the bed, will create the touch of freshness necessary to wake up in the morning. Combine blue with accessories in pink and you'll have a trendy decor and original.

Kitchen decorating idea with blue fridge

pantone color kitchen design

You have probably never thought that there are lamps serenity and yet blue lamps create such an effect. Hang a few hanging lamps in blue above the kitchen island or dining table to modernize the decor. The best aspect of the blue color is that it goes well with almost any other pastel color such as light pink, yellow or orange.

Living room decorated with blue walls

Pantone color modern living room

The bathroom is perhaps the most deviant room for decoration in blue. You can start with blue cabinets or a blue sink. The tiles in the shower cubicle or on the wall next to the bathtub can also be blue. And you should never forget accessories such as towels or bottles of bath products that can also be chosen in blue.

Decoration ideas with blue and pink

deco interesting blue pink

Kitchen decoration with blue tile backsplash

color pantone kitchen deco

Original bathroom in blue

pantone color blue bathroom deco

Retro kitchen decoration in blue

Pantone color blue kitchen

Elegant bedroom in blue with canopy bed

elegant blue deco room

color pantone wood design buffet

pantone color canape plush blue

pantone color kitchen deco retro

pantone color deco sheets room

pantone color modern bedroom decoration

couelur pantone deco bathroom

Pantone color blue living room

pantone color bedroom

pantone color decoration room

pantone color decoration table

deco elegant room blue walls

deco interior elegant blau

deco modern blue walls

blue bedroom decoration

modern bedroom decoration blue walls

blue kitchen decoration serenite

white blue bathroom decoration

blue bathroom decoration

beige blue living room decoration

white blue toilet decoration

deco blue dining room

blue curtain living room deco

blue original deco idea

radiator blue decoration idea

white blue bathroom

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