Paper suspension, original suspension, design suspension

suspension in paper white luminaire hanging design

The luminaire is an important decorative element of the interior. Soft light or hard light, lighting creates the mood of the room. When choosing, think of the decorative style of your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

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The best is to tinker at home. It's child's play. Discover our selection of lampshades paper suspension , original, design and inspire yourself.

Paper suspension light: easy to tinker at home with inexpensive materials

paper suspension idea balls lighting fixture design DIY cheap

tinker a lampshade suspension paper is not very difficult. All you need is paper that you like, scissors, neck or tape, a solid string, a light bulb with power cable and lots of imagination.

Hanging lamp in paper flowers

hanging paper idea lighting fixture original flowers

The lampshade below is made at the base of the paper (you can find this type of shade in several stores) but it was later decorated with a black metal grid. It makes it stronger. This type of minimalist style lampshade is ideal for a classic interior as well as modern .

Minimalist paper suspension lampshade

deco fixture paper suspension design globe original

This shade is very easy to achieve. It has a very pretty decorative effect. It will make your interior more elegant by spreading soft light.

DIY paper suspension light

hanging paper idea modern design

To tell the truth, paper is an ecological, economical and modern choice. If, nevertheless, you want a luminaire made of stronger material, you have a wide choice of very elegant lampshades in glass or wood that you can also tinker at home. It is important to note, however, that solid materials require more work time.

Pendant light in wood design

hanging lamp wood original decor idea

Here is an idea of ​​lampshade of wooden beads. You will need a needle and a solid string to make it. It lets enough light pass. Ethnic style, it can suit well to more modern interiors.

Lampshade with wooden beads

hanging luminaire design idea modern deco ceiling

An ecological and practical idea is the DIY of a metal tin shade. Instead of throwing your canned peas in the trash, realize this original idea! You can paint and draw as you want. This object will be very suitable for an interior in industrial or minimalist style.

Canned lampshade

fixture diy metal idea keeps idea

This lampshade shaped football represents a very original decorative element. It is made of glass and stainless steel and suspended with a chain. It's a perfect choice for your boy's room.

Design glass shade in the shape of a soccer ball

idea lighting design glass ball original football

The example below shows tinkered fixtures in cardboard. You can find easily and free of cardboard everywhere. Often, at supermarkets and at the store he throws away their boxes and they are very happy to get rid of them. With very little money and a little effort, you can achieve this impressive result:

DIY idea, Sugar ant Cloth

lighting design idea original wood living room deco

Round paper pendant for modern decor

hanging paper hanging lamp Japanese design

Hanging lamp in contemporary style paper

paper suspension ceiling lamp design mammalampa

Cardboard paper suspension: DIY idea

paper suspension light fixture modern interior

Hanging lamp made of paper

DIY round paper suspension ideas

Paper suspension to be made with book pages

paper suspension pages DIY book easy

Small DIY Metal Fixture

Small DIY Metal Fixture

Why not turn your old strainer into an original shade?

decoration DIY idea lighting fixture hanging metal white colander

Luminaire type projector very design

idea lighting design design projector color interior modern lighting

Here is an original DIY idea. She still asks for a little more time and tools. Perfect for interiors in modern style.

DIY lampshade tinkered with a glass

DIY fixture hanging glass design idea

Here is another DIY idea of ​​lampshade of a glass object

creative idea lighting DIY interior decor

Modern lampshade

hanging paper idea interior decorating lighting modern design

Pendant light in white glass

light hanging design idea glass mood light

Luminaires of different shapes

Hanging lights design ideas interior deco ceiling

DIY wooden lampshade

suspended luminaire original idea design deco ceiling

deco idea fixture suspension wood easy cheap

Pendant light white decorating idea cheap

hanging light idea blue deco wall design

lighting idea living room paper cheap pendant light

original fixture idea hanging fabric

idea light fixture suspension minimalist design simple cheap

lighting design idea original modern deco lighting kitchen

idea pendant light silver design

interior idea lighting fixture hanging paper suspension design

suspension design idea lighting fixture hanging modern deco idea

idea lighting design black deco wooden table chair deco dining room

suspension paper idea modern design deco

hanging paper design idea suspension original lighting deco

luminaire white design suspension paper design

decoration kitchen idea lighting wood white gray design

wooden design pendant light modern interior design idea

bedroom lighting idea white

idea light fixture hanging wood design

deco fixture suspension paper design modern idea

idea modern lighting fixture white hanging design

idea hanging light fixture modern design interior modern deco

idea suspension design modern deco paper style

decorative pendant light design idea glass

deco fixture design suspension idea modern dining room

lighting idea cheap glass design

pendant light design metal design gold

lighting metal suspension yellow idea design

orange metal luminaire design idea



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