Part separation: original ideas how to separate space

modern kitchen part separation modern

Open plan spaces are the dream of all interior designers because they know how to make them comfortable, intimate and elegant. You may be wondering how to do it room separation of a space that is open and long?
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Or you may live in a small studio and you need to separate the bedroom from the living room. In this article, we present some original ideas how to delimit the space in your home.

Original part separation with plants

loft indoor plants room separation

The room separation is a great way to make the decor of your home more original. Contrary to what one might think, a room divider does not only have a purely practical function. You can use a decorative separation screen against a wall or in a corner to create visual interest. But of course, if you have to divide the space inside a room, the room divider is perfect for success.

Elegant separation for the living room

room partition furniture wood living room

Want to separate the dining room from the living room or to create a workspace in the bedroom? Use room dividers to divide the space into two separate sections for easy passage. Opt for adjustable models, easy to adapt to your needs to hide, for example, something you do not use. You can also place design chairs in front of the dividing screens to complete the decor. In case it is a small room, opt for models in light materials that let light in order not to overload the space.
Elegant idea for room separation

partition of living room shelves design

You can use a room divider to make your interior even more convenient. Look for models equipped with blackboards or with pockets to organize the workspace, the kitchen or the child's room. Place a cork room divider behind your desk to fix your important notes. Also think of decorating it with photos or other decorative objects. The models with pockets, installed in the children's room, are perfect for storing some toys for your little ones.
Wooden room divider for the bedroom

separation of room furniture storage room

Another way to separate space is by using green plants. Choose climbing plants, for example, to create an inner "jungle" that also serves to separate the pieces. The green wall is another very original idea, perfect for separating the kitchen from the living room, for example. A few pots of tall plants, placed behind the sofa, are another creative solution that you have not thought of yet. And if you are looking for a natural alternative to green plants, then you can very well use decorative dry branches as a splitter screen.
Design shelf used as a room divider

interesting design room separation

In the same spirit as the dry branches, the vertically stretched rope is still a minimalist solution to separate the space without depriving it of natural light and functionality. In case you like to tinker, create a space separator using old CDs or DVDs. This is another interesting idea if you want to have a modern, original and unique interior.
Modern fireplace as elegant space separator

chimney design room partition

Do not forget the shelves, or simply the wooden panels - they can serve you well to separate two spaces. By using shelves, you will also have even more space for convenient storage. Depending on your needs, opt for closed or open shelves. Here are some more inspiring ideas in pictures:
Interior decoration: idea of ​​organization of the space with room furniture

separation of room ideas

Idea of ​​small furniture to divide a room

separation of piece elegant idea

Studio and loft decoration: separation wall in green plants for indoor

room separation plants

Idea of ​​separation of rooms for living room and dining room

elegant room separation

Contemporary bedroom and piece separation furniture

part separation wood screen

Idea for original room divider

part separation design screen

White design shelf as space separator

room separation

Modern rope space separator

rope part separation

bamboo room separation

black curtain part separator

separation of piece idee deco

luxury room divider

Room separation racks bedroom

room divider room

bedroom separator bedroom

part deco separator

room divider design idea

original design part separator

elegant piece separator

part separator idea

separator of room furniture etagere

original coin separator

original piece separator idea

original plant separator

elegant design piece separator

wood part separation photos

part separation screens

part separation wood shelf

Part separation interesting idea

separation of modern idea room

original idea room separation

separation of piece of furniture storage

room wall deco separation

part separation wall vegetal

room partition wall glass

sliding door part separation

modern curtain room separation

curtain room separation

part separation curtains beads

vintage style room partition

separator of coin

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