Party decoration: 50 ideas for a beautiful summer party

decoration party summer garden

Summer is here, it's time to call your friends and organize a beautiful Party in your garden or on your patio to celebrate the arrival of good weather and sunny days.

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Need ideas party decoration to create a happy atmosphere in your garden? There are plenty of deco themes that will help you organize memorable parties and spend unforgettable moments with your friends around the pool or under the stars. With a little ingenuity and creativity, complemented by the decoration ideas proposed below, you will celebrate the arrival of summer in all beauty.

Decoration summer party in the garden

garden summer party decoration

How about a party inspired by the "Arabian Nights"? Aladdin has certainly never been so amused as your friends will by tasting marinated shrimp around the pool or on your veranda. The aromas will be enough for your friends to detect love in the air, but with some decorative elements and more, you will give them the impression of being in an oasis in the desert.

Party decoration with colorful paper and sweets

outdoor party decoration

To create a Thousand and One Night atmosphere, you need a lot of colorful cushions and comfortable lounge chairs. And even if you have a very small garden or an outdoor area that needs renovation, a party with a similar decor theme and lanterns of all colors will help you spend unforgettable moments outdoors. Paper lanterns are of course a great idea, but you can do even better with subdued lighting. Cover your outdoor fixtures with semi-transparent colored fabrics and you will create a very very romantic atmosphere in your garden. Do not forget the little music such as "Scheherezade" by Rismky Korsakov.

Party decoration with colorful paper details

decoration party summer outside colored paper

Even if you've never visited a South Sea Island, relaxing under a tiki umbrella while sipping an exotic cocktail is a great idea. Invite your friends to share this fantasy with you by adding some Polynesian touches to the party decor. You can decorate the buffet with a raffia skirt and tables with fresh orchids. Put large baskets of exotic fruits as centerpieces and have fun with your friends while listening to island music.

Party decoration in white and yellow

decoration party summer flowers

If you have a pool in your backyard, hosting a beach-inspired party seems like a very natural idea. Arrange some inflatable balls around the pool and ask others to put on swimsuits or at least shorts and t-shirts. Decorate your tables with brightly colored tablecloths and typical graphic patterns for the beach such as dots or stripes. Put 60s music for a more retro setting or modern music for a contemporary decor and the party begins! Make simple foods such as chicken meat, mini burgers or hot dogs. The beginning of the evening is the perfect time to light up your improvised campfire and grill marshmallows. Here are 50 fun ideas you can use for your summer party decoration:

Original ideas for party decoration

decoration party summer idea

Festive table decoration

party decoration ideas table

Elegant party decoration in the garden

decoration party summer garden

Romantic party decoration in white

deco party was elegant

Party table decorated with fruits and flowers

deco of party idea table

Party decoration with sweets

deco of original party idea

Original festive table decoration

deco party table

Interesting idea for the party table

deco table summer party

table deco summer

festive table decoration

deco table summer idea

deco table festive

deco fete summer idea

summer party decoration

party decoration summer ideas

summer party decoration

table decoration summer party

outdoor table decoration party

table decoration summer party

floral table decoration

summer beach decoration

decoration party pink summer white

decoration party idea menu

party decoration original idea

decoration party idea paper colored

decoration fete original ideas

decoration fete idea table

decoration party idea table

festive decoration table idea

decoration party theme tiki

deco outdoor party table

cakes deco summer party

deco idea of ​​festive table

summer holiday deco idea

idea of ​​deco outdoor party

holiday decoration idea summer

everything for the party deco table

everything for the party idea

all for the party cocktails

all for the dessert party

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