Party decoration: some ingredients for success

decoration deco table decoration

Some creative and delicious ideas for a beautiful party decoration. This is the subject of today's post, as the holidays are approaching. In vogue and so original, make shine the eyes of your friends by opting for a party decoration with a festive atmosphere.

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That's what this kind of decoration ensures, especially if you're a member of the DIY company DIY without banners. The use of the floral elements of the season, for a festive decor is always a great way to approach nature during the holidays.

An original party decoration with plants, fruits and moss

decoration table fete mousse

Maybe some winter flowers will be appropriate in combination with green plants and fruits. Because each season brings indeed its elements of decoration which will give an original note to the room and the table. When it comes to party decor for the table, you have to design a beautiful table which serves as a perfect backdrop for the deliciously prepared food. Food is an art form that celebrates the generosity of nature.

A wall decoration with ribbons on a brick background

wall DIY party deco

So be a good artist by launching into the preparation of some gourmets and appetizers, salads and dishes. All served with an unforgettable drink that can become the star cocktail for your gathering. Another idea as a gift for the guests: infused olive oil. Serve with hot bread or mix in salads. And finally put it in jars or small bottles as souvenirs of your gathering of friends.

A modern and elegant table setting

arrangement table party

A lovely salad on the menu

salad party deco

Appetizers charm with color too

party deco

A wall decoration idea for the party

DIY party decoration ribbons

A wall decoration with a bouquet of flowers


Tablecloths with DIY geometric designs

DIY tablecloth party deco

An original way of personalizing guest seating


A festive table decoration for a gathering of friends


DIY decoration-original pens

party decoration oil bottle

party-decoration-drink fruit

cake-table feast-deco

Honey-butter-and-chipotle-butter-from-A Beautiful Mess

salad table-decoration-floral

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