Pattern tile: geometry and modern design

tile pattern original concrete deco modern idea

How to create a unique atmosphere in a room? One of the latest trends in interior design is geometric pattern tiling with a vibrant 3D effect. It is particularly appreciated by specialists and design enthusiasts for its beauty and elegance.

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If you want to give life to a room and develop it in a very contemporary way, we advise you to discover our gallery of 25 ideas of pattern tile original.

Geometric pattern tile by Bilk

geometric pattern tile original idea bilk modern interior

This type of tile has a unique look that is perfect for more modern minimalist interiors. Since it is an element that has a strong presence, it is important to associate it with the style of the furniture and the decoration of the room. Once installed, this tile will be an important element in your interior that must always be taken into account.

White tile with 3D effect by Heritage Tile

modern tile concrete white design wall kitchen

In the example below, we see a wine cellar that has been fitted with tiled geometric patterns in gray, white and pastel orange. It adds a modern and fresh atmosphere in this room which is often sober and lacks air.

Geometric pattern tile in wine cellar

tile pattern design modern kitchen dining room

In this white interior, furnished in a minimalist style, the accent is on the tiled pattern of triangles in gray, white and black. By choosing a tile with similar pattern, it will carefully choose the rest of the elements of the decor. Our advice is to have a preference for furniture in white, black, gray or light colors.

Minimalist style interior with geometric tiled floor

tile pattern original geometric modern office white work chair

The example below represents a white interior. This dining room has been arranged around two main elements: the wood and the white color. The wood adds a feeling of warmth and authenticity, while the white tiles and the suspended luminaire bring freshness and a touch of modernity. These two elements harmonize perfectly. Hence the soothing and pleasant atmosphere in this room.

Very aesthetic white tile

modern white design tiled floor white wooden floor tiled floor wooden table

Workspace laid out with gray tiles

tile geometric pattern design idea workspace

Bathroom with original green tiles

green tile bathroom geometric pattern design

Gray tile with yellow pattern in a modern interior

breath architecture design idea stool wood central island wood

geometric tiling idea soil

kitchen tile black effect 3D modern idea

modern tile design geometric idea indoor poster

tile pattern modern interior design design white chair

red white tile design bathtub

modern design tile toilet effect 3D design

tile toilet idea original black and white design

modern white tile modern deco pattern

interior design modern black and white design idea

bathroom wood design deco tile flooring

contemporary bathroom modern decorating idea

kitchen wall tile idea original design extractor hood

modern tile design wall blue deco toilet

original black white tile design white bathtub

black tile design light fixture hanging white sofa design

tile bathroom interior modern bathtub design

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