Pendant light design in more than 30 ideas

contemporary design pendant lamp bocci 28 series

Do you want a modern and original luminaire for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you!

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Discover this beautiful selection of more than 34 pictures of design pendant light in very surprising forms, super original and creative:

Jellyfish design pendant lamp by Roxy Russell

pendant lamp design jellyfish interior lighting modern idea roxy russell

The "Medusea" collection is a collection of hanging luminaries designed by Roxy Russel inspired by the extraordinary world of the ocean and jellyfish. This luminaire is ideal for dining room . He is elegant, sweet, magical ...

The Hanging Lights Collection Jellyfish

hanging luminaire design idea interior lighting modern design

Handmade in Budapest, Hungary, the luminaire Starry Light Lamp is actually a great way for kids to know the constellations. The shape of this hemisphere exactly recreates the proportions seen in the sky at night.

Hanging pendant lamp hand made Starry Night

hanging luminaire design idea lighting interior design modern

The luminaire Pine Cone Mini (translated into French "mini pineapple"), designed by Jonas Loenborg, is made of 152 different parts! It really looks like a pineapple, does not it?

The Pine Cone Mini luminaire

lighting pendant design pineapple table wall decoration lighting modern design jonas-loenborg

The spider-shaped pendant lamp named Sailor's Glory is made of acrylic. It is limited edition, only 30 luminaires were manufactured.

Suspended light in the shape of a red spider

luminaire suspension design original shape spider red design

The Synapse luminaire is a modular lighting system - LEGO for adults! Each module has three branches that come together to create a snowflake. Very elegant luminaire with a soft presence:

The Synapse pendant luminaire

suspended luminaire modern design interior lighting living room interior modern living room parquet wood

The Scrivimi design luminaire, designed by Karman, was made of paper and then words of love in Italian were written on top: that it is romantic!

Karman Scrivimi Design Lighting Fixture

suspended luminaire interior design contemporary designer karman

For a modern interior

lighting design suspension interior idea

The Fire Lily luminaire, designed by Amichai Oron, is made of metal cut with laser. Its organic form is very harmonious and it diffuses a very soft light which is suitable for almost every room.

Fire Lily Pendant Lights

suspension lamp modern design idea fire-lily

pendant light modern design lighting idea

hanging lamp design modern idea object design contemporary modern lighting suspension

pendant light wooden design modern contemporary idea suspension lighting

pendant lighting wood design idea lighting modern interior lighting

modern interior idea lighting suspension wood design

lighting design interior design original lighting

pendant light design pendant lamps design

design lighting suspension modern idea interior lighting original

pendant light design dining table idea indoor modern industrial design

pendant light design wood idea living room

indoor modern idea lighting lamp hanging wood design

Scandinavian design Scandinavian design wood suspension

industrial style pendant light italian design pendant

luminaire balloon design idea bedroom child lighting Brokis Memory Ceiling Light

very original luminaire suspension ceiling idea room child

original design pendant light

hanging light design kitchen kitchen dining room industrial style

luminaire original suspension pot black suspension original dining room table

lighting design central park idea suspension

fixture suspension design detail butterfly interior modern lighting

lighting design suspension idea industrial style lighting modern design

lighting design idea dining room lighting lamp suspension design table wooden chair

contemporary interior design pendant light nlc pendant

original lighting vintage chateau contemporary interior design

contemporary design lighting suspension design modern idea lighting

hanging light design bocci 2 small balls design idea

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