Pergola bois: ideas and tips for garden decoration

pergola wood garden modern home

The pergola is a structure dating from the times of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Her first modern use was during the Renaissance, when she decorated the Italian gardens and then spread to the rest of Europe.

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Nowadays, the wooden pergola is perhaps the most popular type of pergola in the world. The pergola is a freestanding or attached outer structure of square or rectangular shape, supported by columns and having an open lathe or latticework. Like the pavilions and the various gazebos, the pergola embellishes the garden decoration and can be used as an outdoor room.

Pergola wood of interesting design

original design wood pergola

The wooden pergola is very popular thanks to the golden shade of the wood that creates a beautiful contrast with the green landscape of the garden. The choice of the pergola will depend on how you want to decorate it. The climbing plants on the pergola are an excellent idea of ​​deco and especially for the patio or patio gardens pergolas. So climbing plants create a rainforest effect or roof green by mixing with other green plants in the rest of the garden.

Wooden pergola of original design

ultra modern wood design pergola

The pergola can also become an extension of your home if it is next to the house. You can furnish it by choosing a comfortable sofa, a design coffee table and interesting armchairs. If you want to have more privacy in the pergola or maybe just protect yourself from the sun, then opt for decorative curtains of transparent or opaque material. In any case, the wooden pergola is a beautiful and practical element for the decoration of the garden.

Modern pergola with concrete columns

pergola wood idea modern amenagement

Outdoor area with pool and wooden pergola

pergola wood swimming pool stone

Decorated design pergola with swing

pergola wood idee deco

Another idea of ​​pergola with swing

pergola wood swing modern

Pergola landscaping with rattan furniture

pergola wood columns concrete

Wooden deck with modern pergola

pergola wood deco furniture

Garden decoration with contemporary pergola

interesting design wood pergola

pergola wood idea deco landscaping

contemporary wood garden pergola

pergola wooden modern garden

pergola wood terrace modern

ultra modern wood pergola

pergola white design wood

pergola design wood curtains

wood garden pergola decoration

pergola modern design wood

pergola- modern design wood idea

pergola original design wood

pergola design modern wood terrace

modern landscaping pergola

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