Photo contemporary house inspired by the Middle East

photo contemporary house plan architect

This small folder with contemporary house photo will allow you to visit a design residence signed Eran Binderman and Rama Dotan located in Israel. This building seeks to transport its owners into the exotic world of travel in the Near East.

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The family who commissioned the realization of the project of this house likes to spend his holidays in this region of the world and wished absolutely to reproduce his atmosphere at home. The two architects have therefore embarked on their work with the additional mission of creating a home that has enough room for all family members (who have four children), as well as areas where everyone can spend time together.

Photo contemporary house: view of the garden and the terrace

photo contemporary house landscaping swimming pool

As can be understood quickly by examining the pictures of the house , Eran Binderman and Rama Dotan also benefited greatly from the construction site. This one has offered them a lot of advantages, allowing them to build a beautiful terrace with swimming pool and a very pleasant green space. It is precisely the ground and the design of the exterior that play the role of unifying elements between the different parts of this dwelling, as the two architects affirm.

Photo contemporary house and interior design idea

photo house contemporary garden furniture terrace

The decoration of the contemporary residence was made using a series of materials that lovers of classic styles might find somewhat unusual. Examples are stone flooring, slate and the sandstone facades. The harmonization of these materials is obtained by using them in different parts and rooms of the house, as well as in its exterior. Our small photo file of this design house, inspired by the Middle East, is available here:

Photo contemporary house: view from the outside

photo house contemporary decoration

Architectural home improvement with contemporary design

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Interior contemporary design house design

idea interior decoration deco contemporary house

Photo of contemporary style house: one of the interior rooms

deco contemporary living room architect house

Image of contemporary house with terrace

photo contemporary house pergola wood terrace deco

Image of house with contemporary decor and beautiful garden

photo contemporary house landscaping design garden

Contemporary house photo: interior and exterior view

home living room contemporary deco

architects house contemporary decoration

ideas contemporary home deco kitchens

home design contemporary design interior photo

contemporary adult room deco

contemporary house idea bathroom deco

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