Photo Zen bathroom: ideas for a relaxing decoration

photo bathroom zen ideas

Most of the time we decorate our interiors with useless and superfluous objects. And yet, for some time, Zen decoration has become increasingly popular even in the Western world.

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The zen decor suggests a minimalist approach - do a lot with little. In case you need a nice little breakaway, the Zen bathroom is a great way to create your little paradise inside your home. Ideas and photo bathroom zen that we propose to discover in this article, will help you to make your bathroom a calm and relaxing space .

Photo zen bathroom design

photo Zen bathroom original design

The first thing you need to do if you want to make a Zen bathroom is to put your bathroom products - such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion - in coordinated boxes. Choose containers or boxes of the same color and texture as the tiles in your bathroom. In this way these elements will become invisible in the decoration of the room.

Photo Zen bathroom luxury design

photo bathroom zen elegante

Try to keep surfaces clean and, if possible, empty. Hide the hair dryer and toothbrushes. You can also invest in a deeper storage cabinet and reorganize the drawers to make more room for strictly needed products. Keeping your bathroom space clean and tidy, this space will look more airy and spacious.

Zen bathroom decoration idea

photo bathroom Zen original deco

In case you really do not have a choice and you need to put some things outside the storage cabinets, do it in special woven storage boxes and, again, coordinate with the rest. In this way you will give the natural texture to your bathroom. Make your bathroom deco with an art board or vase with fresh seasonal flowers. The arrangements you make must be simple and elegant. Even a single flower is sometimes enough to create a beautiful decor.

Zen bathroom decorated with stone

photo bathroom Zen deco

Install your towel rails on the back of the bathroom door or replace them with hooks. Remember to coordinate your towels with the color of the paint or tile in your bathroom. Choose some beautiful decorative candles and incorporate them into your decor. They will help create a more relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Zen bathroom with original design tiles

Try to "open" the space in your bathroom by reducing objects and accessories, advises architect Michael Morris. The sink does not have to be big and bulky. To make a good contrast, you can opt for a small sink in metal or marble. Why not choose even an abstract model to make the decor of your bathroom more original.

Zen-inspired bathroom decoration

photo bathroom zen candles

And to sum up, know that you are under no circumstances obliged to completely redecorate your bathroom. Sometimes it is enough to reorganize and simplify the decoration to create a more Zen atmosphere. Avoid decorating the space with Buddha statuettes for feng shui. Here are some ideas how to make a beautiful Zen decor in the bathroom:

Zen design bathroom with wooden floor covering

photo bathroom zen floor wood

Zen bathroom decor in white

photo bathroom white zen

Elegant design bathroom

photo bathroom zen

deco interesting modern bathroom

deco interesting bathroom zen

deco small bathroom zen

bathroom design bathtub design

Japanese bathroom decoration

deco bathroom furniture wood

idea deco bathroom design

gray bathroom deco idea

Idea deco Zen bathroom

photo bathroom zen tub

photo white zen bathroom

photo bathroom zen wood

photo contemporary Zen bathroom

photo bathroom Zen contemporary deco

photo bathroom zen minimalist design

photo bathroom zen gray

photo bathroom zen idea

photo Zen bathroom original design

photo modern zen bathroom

photo bathroom zen walls windows

original zen bathroom photo

photo bathroom small zen

pink zen bathroom photo

original bath tub

original design bathroom

bathroom zen stone bathtub

bathroom zen deco candles

zen deco elegant bathroom

zen bathroom interesting design

Zen bathroom shower

bathroom zen italian shower

Zen bathroom furniture wood

bathroom zen storage

spacious zen bathroom

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