Pine cones in their decorative state

pinecones idea DIY deco autumn christmas squirrel

Some know it as "cone", but in the familiar language it is better known as "pine cone". Symbol of autumn, winter and Christmas, it enters our homes from the first day of autumn.

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The cones make a pretty decoration that is very durable and long lasting. Garland, ornament for the Christmas tree, to decorate the centerpiece, plates or to create characters, crowns, hangers and others, it is a natural object is easy to handle that is likely to several transformations. Plus, it will not cost you anything at all! We invite you to discover our selection of over 50 ideas how to integrate the pine cone into your home decor. Let's start by answering the question: what is the pine cone actually?

Pine cones can be transformed into characters: a spider

pine cones interior decoration idea spider character

Have you ever thought about why we see green, brown, big or small pine apples? This is because the female cones are all a year apart. They are of different age. The youngest are logically the youngest. Those who are of medium height and slightly larger are called "cones of the 2 th year. " Finally, the largest cones, which are also the lowest on the branch, are the oldest (cones of 3 th year). In fact, the reproduction of pine is quite complex. The female cones pass through 3 stages of maturation which extend over two whole years. On their side, the male cones are smaller and much more ephemeral. They occur every year and live only a few weeks.

Female and male pine cones


The pine cone is not a fruit in the botanical sense of the word. The fruit is the result of the transformation of the female organ of the flower, called the carpel. The pine does not form flowers, but male and female cones. Males, more modest, produce only pollen whereas females are formed of scales. On its surface, each shell bears two large, bare ova. Females and males grow on different branches. The lower branches are inhabited by males while the females are on the upper branches. This is a position for fertilization. Often this fertilization is normally done by another tree because the pollen rises with difficulty towards the female cones. They stay on the tree for at least three years. So the pine nuts that tend to be picked up are mostly females. When we speak of "pinecone", we designate the female cone. He is bigger, strong and resistant.

Crown decorated with pine cones

deco pinecones idea fall outside

Pine cones are used in different and inventive ways: to decorate, some species serve as an indicator of hygrometry or to start a fire (when they are dry and open).

Cones painted in pink, blue and green

pine cones colorful pink blue green idea string

After this little botanical detour, we let you discover our gallery to find inspiration. The pine cone is a natural decorative element that will bring a touch of warmth into your home. It will also allow you to spend a creative and fun time with your children. A simple decoration that requires only a little time and a lot of creativity. To make it simple, you can make pretty suspensions using ribbons or strings. To please your children, why not make some funny characters as in the example below? Have fun and invite the nature at your house ! Good visit !

The pine cone is easy to handle and susceptible to several transformations

pinecones decoration original DIY character

Tree inhabited by a penguin, a deer, an owl and a squirrel: funny family!

pine cone animal character squirrel deer owl

Decoration with different colored buttons

pine cones interior decoration idea autumn christmas

Decoration with small pieces of fabric

pine cones decoration idea original fabric

Pine cones hanging with ribbon, idea of Be a Fun Mum

pine cone decoration hanging decorative design ribbon

Funny characters difficult to identify

pinecone deco figurine idea suspension string

Idea of Mami Talks

pine cones decoration ideas

Autumnal decoration with pine cones and pears

decoration autumn pine cone pear fruit christmas tree

Idea decoration of plate in a spirit of winter

pinecone decoration plate christmas idea

Decoration idea for lovers of minimalist design

simple decoration autumn pinecone white candle

Original gift decoration idea

pinecone gift decoration ribbon blue white string

Entrance door with splendid decoration

Decoration door outdoor pine cone wreath wreath autumn

Original idea of ​​suspension

fall tree idea hanging idea fall

coloring pinecone idea interior decoration

decoration garland pinecone original autumn

pinecone silver idea string hanging interior deco

DIY simple garland pine cone garland string

plate decoration small pinecone original idea

garland making pinecone deco fall

deco table pine cone dining room curtains table chair

deco pinecone ribbon christmas tree

pinecone decoration DIY golden garland idea

deco pinecone flowers hanging interior modern deco

deco autumn table candle ball

bike deco basket DIY original deco

decoration autumn original pine cone small fir tree idea

deco pinecone decoration

deco pinecone DIY idea

pine cone fir tree idea

minimalist decoration apple pin candle deco original

deco autumn pine cone paper hanging ribbon idea

deco pinecone deco fall

hanging apples white red ribbon

pine cone fabric idea hanging decoration

deco idea pinecone small vetement pin

crown of pinecones idea easy to make belt

pine cone crown idea fir tree autumn winter

deco pinecone interior idea candle white star paper

chimney deco winter christmas idea deer figurine

decoration ideas pinecone garland candles

deco pinecone christmas fireplace

autumn deco outdoor table pinecones candles

deco pinecone mouse idea creative DIY

pine cone frame ribbon original wall hanging

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