Pink tattoo: a classic for romantic hearts

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The pink tattoo is beautiful, discreet and romantic. If you have almost decided on a pink tattoo, but you still have not found the model for you, this publication is for you.

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Zoom on some of the most beautiful pink tattoo models!

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In the collective consciousness, the rose is associated with love and passion. The tradition of offering flowers has existed for a very long time. When you want to show your love to someone, one of the most delicate ways is to give them a red rose.

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The pink tattoo is a classic for romantic hearts.

We recently dedicated an article to the pink tattoo and the different existing models. Today, we continue on the same subject and we present to you a new selection of tattoo of rose in 30 inspiring photos.

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The flower tattoo is one of the sweetest tattoos. It is often chosen as a tattoo arm, forearm, finger, wrist, ankle, behind the ear, back etc. Among the most favorite flower tattoo by women as well as men, the pink tattoo is probably in the first position. He has indeed become a great tattoo classic. At most times, he was chosen as a couple tattoo or a love tattoo. But what is its meaning?

tattoo pink idea small tattoo woman

What is the meaning of the pink tattoo?

Aphrodite, the goddess of Greek beauty, is often depicted with roses adorning her head, feet and neck. This can be interpreted in many ways, but the association comes from a rose garden that grew in a pool of blood, that of his deceased lover Adonis. This is why we associate the rose with the immortal love that resists time and even death ...

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In the tarot card game, the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses the promise, the hope and the new beginning. Its meaning varies according to the number of thorns and petals. An open rose or a closed rose do not mean the same thing. Color is also of great importance.

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Pink tattoo with and without thorns - what's the difference?

A thornless rose means that we are deeply in love with someone. Some say that the thorns represent untouchable beauty and far away, one that can not be touched. It was also the case of the enchanted rose of the eponymous tale "Beauty and the Beast". She is unique, beautiful, but inaccessible and locked. It is impossible not to mention "The Little Prince" and his love for his beautiful rose that he thought was unique.

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What size and what location for my new pink tattoo?

Some prefer big tattoos, others small, discreet tattoos. Everything depends on your desires and your habits. If this is your first tattoo, our advice is to start with a small tattoo. Then you will eventually decide for a big tattoo. We personally prefer small tattoos because we find them more elegant, but everything is a question of taste. There are also great models of pink tattoo super pretty that really go!


The location

Choosing the location of your new pink tattoo is especially important for its visibility. Normally, the most visible areas of the body are the arms, the hand, the fingers, the wrist, the ankle. Tattooing a rose on your arm is a good idea if you do not mind exposing it in the summer. If you prefer to tattoo an inconspicuous body part, then opt for a tattoo behind the ear, tattoo back or any other area that you expose very little. When choosing the location of your new tattoo, bear in mind that the closer the skin is bones, the more it will hurt you when you get tattooed.

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tattoo-back-tattoo-pink flower

If you want a pink tattoo in color, then it is important to know the different meanings.

At the time, the yellow rose signifies jealousy but today it is also a symbol of happiness, security and mature love.


The white rose symbolizes purity, spirituality, youth and perhaps even a secret admirer. Historically red roses have been considered the symbol of great love and passionate love. The pink rose represents healing, gentleness, grace, elegance and virtue.


Blue roses have been used to symbolize the inaccessible, the fantasy or the impossible. Black roses are a symbol of death, farewell and darkness. The coral rose represents the desire of the heart. Orange roses were a representation of enthusiasm, excitement and fascination for life. The peach color rose meant modesty and friendship. And the purple rose are for enchantment and for love at first sight.


The pink tattoo can also be combined with other elements.

It is quite possible to have a little rose tattooed and develop it later by adding other elements: heart, key, animal, star, letter, triangle or anything that makes you want. It is better to have a pretty clear idea in mind so that you can achieve it with the help of your tattoo artist.

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Choosing the right tattoo studio is also very important. Hygiene is extremely important for the health of your skin. It is better to opt for a studio where you will pay more, but you will be sure of the quality of the service.

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Hoping that our article has been useful to you and you have found the ideal pink tattoo idea for you, we wish you a very good visit on our site.

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