Pivoting doors: the largest pivotal doors in the world

swivel door design original glass

Antwerp design duo Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens from Sculp [IT] have done a radical renovation using the system of swing door in the Jensen VISS facade for their LALO project.

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This approach called for a total abolition of the rear facade and to improve the bad installation of this residence in Antwerp. The two designers have succeeded in replacing everything with pivoting doors that seem to be the largest swing doors in the world.

Pivoting glass door by Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens

swivel glass door Antwerp

The elegant and contemporary back of the facade with the gigantic, custom-made, pivoting doors contrasts sharply with the solemn front façade. The whole is bathed in natural light. The doors weigh 2000kg each, yet pushing them requires no effort - one finger is enough. The original blend of existing historic elements and contemporary design backs creates a very practical and beautiful glass illusion where the boundaries between the exterior and the interior are erased. Here are the pictures of these doors that are really impressive:

House with two large glass swivel doors

contemporary design glass pivot door

The pivoting doors are of contemporary and elegant design

original design glass swing door

Facade decoration idea with pivoting doors

swing doors idee deco

Swivel doors of interesting design

swing doors antwerp idea

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