Plant holder and holder flower pot indoor modern style

ideas deco door plant pot plant interior

Did you know that you can use flower pots, as well as a plant holder or other support, as accessories to complete the decoration of a room? It is well known, plants have always been part of the interior design.

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Whether you have a house, an apartment or a small studio, you can decorate some of the interior space with a flowerpot stand.

Decoration with small door plant of modern design

flower pots support modern design

In recent years, houseplants and different shelves and door flowerpot have become trendy decorative objects. As a result, the interest in them has increased. Today, many homeowners and tenants are looking for decorating ideas with this type of object.

Modern style wooden plant gate

contemporary design plant shelves

So, if you love flowers and want to buy or make your own plant door to decorate your home, keep reading to explore a series of modern flowerpot holders!

Plant holder and stand for modern wooden flower pot

shelves plant wood apartment design

We have often addressed the question of defining the term modern in our articles, so we will not go back to it here. It will be remembered simply that the use of simple lines and classical shapes is one of the essential characteristics of the deco in modern style . The round, the triangle and the square are well known shapes and ultra trendy at the moment.

Door plant and holder indoor flower pot by Crate & Barrel

modern plant plant shelves

Even if it seems improbable, this knowledge about interior decoration could be enough for the choice of a door houseplant . Look, for example, the flower pot holder on the picture at the top. Is not it a perfect illustration of classical forms?

Stands and door plant modern design

design plant pot doors

Would you like some additional knowledge to choose or to make your own flowerpot shelf? Here is an advice: bet on natural materials, such as wood and metal. As you will see in our gallery, these materials dominate in our choice of door plants. And for good reason, because they are very current at the moment and will remain so for a long time because of their simple but elegant look!

Support for flower pot and modern interior - what type of material to choose?

modern flower pots stand

Whether you want to go shopping, explore the web or start a manual activity project, the flower pots made of natural materials will always be interested in natural materials. The clay and the pots made of it are a timeless choice. Combined in all formats, these pots usually remain in round shape.

Metal support idea for clay pots

door for modern indoor flowerpot

We love them for their always fashionable look but also for their ability to absorb water. Because, as all gardening enthusiasts will tell you, this is an essential asset for healthy plants! To highlight such an object, it is simply associated with a plant gate in wood or metal!

Metal plant doors

modern plant interior design doors

Another natural and trendy material, concrete. Easy to handle, decorative concrete is a product that is often used for the realization of modern flower pots. Their essential advantage: they are manageable in all conceivable forms. And, thanks to the ideas of decorative concrete in colors, they can be adorned with shades of their choice!

Modern design flower pot holder in eco materials

modern design flower pot holder

Whatever the shape and color of your concrete flower pot, it will be embellished more if you can combine it with a metal stand. This will bring an industrial style detail to your interior space and highlight the shapes of the pot.

Copper and marble support for plants

interior decor house plant shelves

The copper support is a variation of the one made of metal. Option ultra trend currently, this support is often seen combined with stone details. Marble is a nice solution, as are faux-marble paint ideas for other surfaces. Combine this kind of support with a flower pot or stone or ceramic pot cover.

Wooden flower pot holder

decorations ideas doors plants shelves wood

Natural and modern deco side, wooden supports are a solution that seduces us with its timeless appearance. In recent times, they adopt the form of small stools on feet or even mini bar stools high. The plant is highlighted and the whole brings to the living space a nice touch of Nordic decor.

Trendy hanging plant door

plant holder design suspended heart shape

In the case of modern plant doors, it is impossible to ignore those in the form of suspensions. Whether romantic, wrought iron or boho chic styke macramé, these chic suspensions seem to be everywhere at this time. Among their advantages, the fact that they occupy very little space.

Green corner decoration idea

small living room racks modern flowers

They also facilitate the development of a green indoor corner, with several plants. Our little trick to develop such a garden corner: bet on several flower pots, arranged on various heights. Combine a suspension with a stand. Do not hesitate to add cache pots placed on the floor. But be careful, try not to overload the space!

Media ideas for modern flower pots in photos

door plant design photo modern interiors

You can explore all our plant door pictures and modern interior flower pot holder here:

Flower pot shelf and plant holder by West Elm

shelves flower pot door plant west elm

Plant holder for indoor pots of modern style

shelves plants interior design

door for plant pots design

interior flowers door for modern pot

modern interior flower pots

shelves flower pots design

deco interior plant supports pot flowers

modern wood door hanger

flowerpot holder interior deco house

deco shelf interior flowers

modern shelves plant pots

door plant metal design ideas

black design plant door

door plant practical design

gate plant design idea plant succulent modern

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